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■Emergency Typhoon Haiyan:Philippines (2013/11/12) New
■Youth Center loved by the community:Jordan (2013/05/02)
■Reporter for Friendship: I will go to see them again by all meansJapan (2013/05/02)
■Reporter for Friendship:The painful past of my new friends:Japan (2013/04/09)
■Report on the Syrian Refugee Aid Project:Jordan (2013/04/08)
■Reporter for Friendship: Visit to "House for Youth" in Battambang:Japan (2013/04/05)
■Reporter for Friendship: The first interview in Angkor Wat:Japan (2013/04/01)
■Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, 2 Years Later:Japan (2013/03/08)
Reporter for Friendship: Pre-trip orientqtion for Kaname and Suzuka :Japan (2013/03/08)
■Project Launched! :Jordan (2013/03/04)
■House of Hope in Palestine:Palestine (2013/02/22)
■The income generating activity for the women in rural area :Bangladesh (2013/02/19)
■Dyeing and textile - manufacturing with a view to a better future (Part 3) :Cambodia (2013/02/13)
■Dyeing and textile - manufacturing with a view to a better future (Part 2) :Cambodia (2013/01/31)
■Dyeing and textile - manufacturing with a view to a better future (Part 1) :Cambodia (2013/01/24)
■Photo exhibition at the European Commission in Brussels :Japan/Belgium (2012/11/29)
■For Reconstruction of Community Bases / Kamisaka Area, Ofunato City :Japan (2012/11/21)
■For Reconstruction of Community Bases / Tanohama Area, Yamada Town:Japan (2012/11/16)
■Parents' Values, Youths' Values :Jordan (2012/11/14)
■Experience Creating a Website [Part 2] :Palestine (2012/10/25)
■Kids from the Mon Tribe :Myanmar (2012/10/23)
■Experience Creating a Website [Part 1] :Palestine (2012/10/17)
■Manufacturing clothes and accessories with pleasure and precision(Part 2) :Cambodia (2012/09/11)
■Manufacturing clothes and accessories with pleasure and precision(Part 1) :Cambodia (2012/09/04)
■Heavy Rain Damage the Philippines – KnK's Relief Activities :Philippines (2012/08/28)
■Your Help Urgently Requested To Help Philippines' Flood Survivors :Philippines (2012/08/10)
■The value of one meal : Bangladesh(2012/07/18)
■"Marumori" dance was performed :Palestine (2012/07/13)
■Sharing our experience with local youth centers :Jordan (2012/07/04)
■A Small School Growing Like a Young Sprout : Pakistan(2012/05/01)
■4th Day: A Shocking Day :Japan/Philippines(2012/4/5)
■Third Day in the Philippines :Japan/Philippines(2012/4/4)
■The Hello, Friends in the Philippines! :Japan/Philippines(2012/3/28)
■How to conduct an activity: Jordan (2012/03/26)
■Issues on Education and Environmental Management in Mansehra :Pakistan (2012/03/21)
■Presentation Day: Jordan (2012/03/16)
■The Japanese delegation visited "House of Hope":Palestine (2012/02/28)
■To improve the quality of products:Cambodia (2012/02/06) New
■Message from KnK Exective Director:Japan (2012/1/18)
■Project Launched!: Jordan (2011/12/27)
■The opening ceremony of a new youth center "House of Hope" took place on Dec. 7 :Palestine (2011/12/22)
■"Hohoemi" Drop-in Center opened in Dhaka :Bangladesh (2011/12/1)
■KnK Exective Director gave a lecture at the lycée franco-japonais de Tokyo:Japan(2011/11/24)
■Donation Presented from Jordan to Ofunato Junior High School: Jordan (2011/11/22)
■Participated in the "One-Peso Campaign" Closing Event!:Philippines (2011/11/11)
■Activity in Palestine has started on Nov. 2:(2011/11/2)
■Message from KnK Exective Director:Japan (2011/9/2)
■An opportunity to tell the situation of Iwate: Japan (2011/9/1)
■Joining Secours Populaire Francais (SPF) camp: Japan(2011/8/31)
■For even more beautiful Ofunato:Japan (2011/8/24)
■From Fukushima, to the Japan elementary school volleyball tournament:Japan (2011/8/23)
■Field Trip to Tono for Children from Otsuchichou!:Japan (2011/8/10)
■Completion of Four Videos:Jordan (2011/8/4)
■The Recent Cooperative Activities in Our Three Villages:Bangladesh (2011/8/2)
■Presentation to wrap up Jordan report:Japan (2011/8/1)
■Home visit and interview:Japan (2011/7/28)
■Message from KnK Exective Director:Japan (2011/7/7)
■A Warm Help from Zambia and Germany:Japan (2011/6/17)
■Graduation ceremony: Philippines (2011/5/19)
■Message from KnK Exective Director:Japan (2011/4/26)
■Special Day Observance:Bangladesh (2011/4/25)
■Message from KnK Exective Director:Japan (2011/4/13)
■Message from KnK Exective Director:Japan (2011/4/3)
■We will go to Rikuzentakata city in Iwate prefecture:Japan (2011/3/25)
■【5 Piastre Campaign】A Charity Project from KnK Jordan:Japan (2011/3/25)
■【1 Peso Campaign】Charity Project from KnK Philippines:Japan (2011/3/22)
■Message from KnK Executive Director:Japan (2011/3/22)
■We delivered supplies to Kitaibaragi-shi:Japan (2011/3/19)
■Send encouraging messages to disaster-stricken areas:Japan (2011/3/18)
■Dear Friends,Dear Children,Dear Partners, And Dear Members and Supporters,:Japan (2011/3/16)
■Dear Friends, Dear Children, Dear Partners,:Japan (2011/3/14)
■Earthquake and Tsunami occurred in eastern Japan:Japan (2011/3/12)
■A step forward to the dream : Philippines (2011/3/2)
■Presentation Day : Jordan (2011/2/15)
■Peter Frankl Visits KnK Site in The Philippines! : Philippines (2011/2/10)
■Our student on TV : Jordan (2011/1/6)
■Important gift : Philippines (2010/12/29)
■Call from mother : Cambodia (2010/12/06)
■53 pairs of soccer shoes to children in Viqueque Youth center:Timor Leste (2010/11/02)
■After one year :Philippines (2010/10/25)
■Cross-border friendship :Philippines (2010/9/24)
■Step by step, with the proud:Bangladesh (2010/9/21)
■One Month Since the Disaster:Philippines (2009/10/30)
■Lost Lives, New Lives:Philippines (2009/10/19)
■Shelter at the House for Youth:Philippines (2009/10/06)
■Damage of Bagong Silang:Philippines (2009/10/02)
■Happy Picnic (2008/02/08)
■Christmas Party (2007/12/27)
■New design for KnK international website!!! (2007/10/01)
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