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KnK issues newsletters to its supporters five to seven times a year (at present only in Japanese). These newsletters contain updates for existing projects or projects in preparation and news from children and youths from the field and volunteer expatriates from Japan. Newsletters play an important role in connecting the KnK with its supporters.

Conference 2005 Photo Exhibition 2005

Each year a few hundred photos are taken in the field at KnK's various projects in Asia. These photos are exhibited at educational institutions and galleries in cooperation with those who are willing to showcase our activities and the situations of children and youths in Asia to create more public awareness of KnK’s mission.

As well, every year KnK produces three to five educational films. Videos are rented to schools as well as to our supporters. Current films are:
"Labor Children in Ho Chi Minh City"
"Video Workshops" in Cambodia, Indonesia and India
"Young Apprentices at the Buddhist Temple in Laos"
"Children at the Garbage Mountain in Manila"

KnK’s Homepage www.knk.or.jp receives more than 500 visits per day. Due to this website being our principle tool of communication, we strive to update it on a weekly basis.

Photo Exhibition in International Fashion Fair

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