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Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (hereinafter referred to as KnK) is a humanitarian and educational private association with an international vocation, established in Japan in 1997. Its members, volunteers, local and international staff-members, all acting in a voluntary and devoted spirit, agree to honor its principles:

KnK provides assistance to disadvantaged children and youth.

It provides them with educational and professional skills, offers them shelter and protection when necessary, assists them to reintegrate to their families and their communities, assists them to develop their talents and to restore their dignity, and helps them to become independent and fully respected citizens.

KnK supports children and youth, and works with its partners,regardless of their race, gender, religion, political or other beliefs.

KnK establishes a better mutual understanding between those children and youth and people from other countries, especially children and youth from Japan.

KnK promotes its partners to ensure them the best efficiency to achieve their goals.

KnK believes that education, including sports and arts, is the best way, even if not the only one, to bring justice and peace for a better world.

KnK adopts as its own the Declaration of the Rights of the Child (UN, November 1959).

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