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Disaster Relief

Following the disasters caused by the Sumatra Tsunami on December 26, 2004 and the earthquake in Pakistan on October 8, 2005, KnK set up an "Emergency Unit" to be able to provide swift relief to children and adolescents affected by natural disasters..
From FY2006, special budgets are made available for this Unit so that its operation can be implemented without any effect on KnK's other projects.
Currently KnK has provided disaster relief aid to youth affected by the following:

2004 Tsunami in Indonesia and India
2005 earthquake in Pakistan
2006 earthquake in Java, Indonesia
2007 earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia
2007 cyclone Cidr in Bangladesh
May 2008 cyclone Nargis in Myanmar
Sep 2009 typhoon Ketsana in Philippines

This aid is meant to be temporary disaster relief and lasts depending upon the recovery speed of the community. Some of KnK’s projects for this unit, while other such as disaster relief in India, are ongoing.

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