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Yujo no GoEn dama campaign (5 yen Coins for Friendship)

Yujo no GoEn dama campaing was started to educate Japanese youth on how little money can make a big difference for a child abroad. The title is a play on words: Go-en (Japanese for 5 Yen) is the same as Goen (good relationship), so the idea is giving 5 Yen for good relationships. 5 Yen may not seem like much, but multiply it by 12 (60 Yen) and it’s enough to send a child to school for a day. 170 Yen can feed a child for a whole day! The Japanese participants learn about the children they will be helping and send a message of friendship through their donations.

You can download the brochure

Pakistani children recieved blankets through the donation from Yujo no GoEn dama campaign

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