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Activity Report

□  KnK Activity Report

For The East Japan Great Earthquake
and Tsunami
From March to September 2011

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□  Annual Report 2010 

KnK Japan
Activity Report 2010
Growing Together

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□  Annual Report 2009 

KnK Japan
Activity Report 2009
Growing Together

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□  Annual Report 2008 

KnK Japan
Activity Report 2008
Growing Together

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□  A Study on the Situation Of
Cambodian Children and Youths Trafficked to Thailand
- Looking into traumatic experiences in the past - (2003)

Report -Cambodia-

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□  Evaluation Report
The Project for Protective Support for Youths in Metro Manila,
the Philippines (July 2001 to December 2006)

Evaluation Report -Philippines-

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□  KnK_Missions_Strategies


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