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■To make an environment for children to dream (2010/06/25)

President of KnK Japan Ms. Terada and Director General Mr. Dominique visited Timor-Leste and did monitoring at each youth centre between 18th and 25th May. Although visit of two special guests from Japan caused tension among the local staff members of each youth centre, children and youths at each centre warmly welcomed these special guests. As the circumstances in Timor-Leste have got more settled, more supporting organisations have withdrawn from Timor- Leste. The visit of special guests would give the residents in these districts that less developed than the capital city Dili, and are not often visited by foreign aid workers a sense of security as their visit make them feel that they are not abandoned.

A girl gave a song for Ms. Terada's greeting.

Director General eagerly talked with children and youth at each youth centre. What is the most impressive episode was the answers from children to Director General’s question ‘What is your dream?’. Most of the children answered ‘a teacher’ or ‘a football player’. After making several efforts to get other answers by asking ‘anything else?’ or ‘for example…’, finally one boy said ‘I want to be a Prime Minister!’. If we asked children in Japan same questions, the answer will be various. In Viqueque, self-sufficiency in agriculture and mutual support between relatives or in communities allow people to live without secured jobs. In this circumstance, it would be only a teacher and a football player that children know as an occupation and want to be. It is easy to say ‘Have a dream!’ to children. Dreams, however, are not always infinite. They are often limited and affected by circumstances where children live. This episode made me recognise the importance of building society where children can freely imagine their dreams anew.

The last youth centre we visited this time, Ermera Youth Centre, one youth said ‘I want to be a president.’ Will the day when this young man in Ermera becomes a president and the boy in Viqueque becomes a prime minister come a couple of decades later? I strongly hope so.

Mr Dominique gave questions
to youths.

A girl answering in Engish.

Youths enjoyed visitors from Japan.

Everyone would have heard an expression ‘Boys be ambitious.’ at least once. It will take more time and need more supports until children in Timor-Leste are able to dream their future and be ambitious. So KnK would like to thank everyone who supports our activities for your kindness, and to ask your further support in order to enable more children to imagine their dreams and to be ambitious.

Let's take photos with children and youths in Viqueque, Ermera, and Baucau.



Yoko Mizutani, Project Coordinator


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