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■A new possibility in Timor Leste (2009/05/12)

A new project, Baucau Youth Center

Hello, everyone at another side of the Internet. My name is Hisae Shiwa, Project Coordinator of East-Timor. More than five months passed since I started to work related to youth centers in the country. Compared to the time when I wrote for the homepage before, I think that I am much more accustomed to this country and its culture. It must be because of the similar sense of values such as politeness, which the people in Asia have in common. The more I interact with the local people, the more I feel of their kindness and warmth. It makes my life easier to adjust. The sceneries just like a group of buffalos on our way moving slowly in the middle of the main road or the smiles of children trying so hard to wave their hands to us make me feel so peaceful and love the country. Those quiet days flow, as if the terrible things had not happened.

A girl in litracy class


KnK in Timor-Leste has expanded its support to the youth centers in the districts since last October besides in Dili started in October of 2006. Let me introduce a little bit about one of the youth centers in the three districts, the most active, Baucau Youth Center.

Baucau is situated in about three hours drive from Dili, and is the second largest town in its population. In this area there existed an organization that aimed to support especially the sports activities of the youth. Now it is a local NGO that serves as the youth center of the area. KnK gives financial and technical support to this organization.


Using an experience of a profewssional football player

Mr. Manuel, the manager, used to play soccer as the striker of the national team during the Indonesian time. He only coaches now as he has injured his knee but he is a caring and dependable leader for the children. From his experience and network of people, Mr. Manuel collaborates with a Brazilian, Mr. Bado, who lives in Baucau for UN mission. Mr. Bado also used to be a soccer player in Brazil and gives technical advices on the training. What concerns Mr. Bado is about the nutrition of the players. The players are about 14 to 15 years old but they are thin, compared to the young of the same age in developed countries. They get tired quickly since the nutrition of the standard family lacks of Vitamins and the children’s body need more strength. Mr. Manuel and Mr. Bado discussed how to earn Vitamins and distribute to the boys.

Mr. Manuel and children playing football. →

Speed training. ↑


Having a break. "Too tired!" →

An artist in Timor Leste

When I visited the center last time, there was a nice surprise, which made me happy. I saw a beautiful painting of children bathing and playing in the river outside wall of the building. I asked Mr. Manuel about the paining. He told me of a boy who lives in Baucau painted it and I went to meet the person.

How lively painting, isn't it?

KnK logo is also hand painted.

Let's take a photo!

The boy is called Marcelo and he is learning how to paint at an art school in Baucau. I met three of them; himself and his peers, Pepi and Marque. According to them, Marcelo lost his voice when he got high fever at the age of three. Pepi and Marque started to translate my questions to Marcelo just by gestures. Marcelo just watched them with such a kind manner and replied calmly. The art school started in 2006 as Pepi and Marque instructors, supported by the school in Dili. Soon after, Marcelo joined the school and presented the outstanding talents over the other artists, creating astonishing work.

Marcelo is talking with his body.

Mr Manuel (left) and Marcelo (2nd from left)

Marcelo's work, "Destroy and Light"



After talking to them, I could not help going to see their galleries. There were a lot of paintings that are just amazing, created by talented young Timorese boys. I was especially attracted to the one painted by Marcelo and I decided to purchase it. I asked him the message of the paining, which was inspiring me such a force. Marcelo said that the theme of the painting is “destruction and light”. As long as the light exists, he paints. That is all he wants in his life and he told me with such a peaceful manner. I felt so precious of his message and I took the paining home with his message in my mind.



Baucau Youth Center is planning to give paining classes taught by Pepi, Marque and Marcelo to the local children, besides current English course, literacy course, and the sports activities. Now that no liberty of expression is over of the Indonesian occupation period, I hope that the children in Baucau will grow strong like Marcelo by expressing themselves freely in their painting.

Young artists in Timor Leste


Hisae Shiwa, Project Coordinator


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