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■Yujo no Reporter arrived in Timor-Leste (2008/08/26)

The first day

Yujo no Reporter (Reporter for friendship) arrived in Timor Leste on 22 August 2008. I went to airport to pick her up with a boy (Acoli) and girl (Louisia) from our center. We welcomed them to hung traditional fabric, Tyce on their neck.
It was first time for Acoli and Louisia to meet a Japanese junior high school girl. They were too shy to talk each other. They always kept their faces down in a car.

Many boys and girls welcomed them.

Yujo no Reporter 2008 is 1st grade of junior high school girl from Yamanashi, Wakana Akaike (13). And ex-reporter 2002, Shuhei Yamamoto joined as a teacher of painting workshop. The mission of Yujo no Reporter was to make friendship with children in Timor Leste through painting activity and to tell their real situation to Japanese people. Well, how could they make friends each other without language tools?

The second day

It was the first day of painting workshop. Wakana and 12 boys and girls, and Shuhei participated in this workshop. They practice drawing with pencils in the center for the first step. Girls shouted, “Great” and “Wow!!” to see drawing of Wakana. We have art class in Japan but they didn’t have opportunity to draw picture because they didn’t have art and music class in school of Timor Leste.
They wondered where and which part of the building they should draw on the white paper. Shuhei walked around them and lead how to do it. Some drew straight line with a ruler; others drew a building out of the paper. Each had characteristic.

Boys had a strong concentration.
Girls liked talking.

Girls easily came out of their shells to talk each other. They always talked during drawing. They spoke with Japanese, English and local language, Tetun.


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