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 Timor Leste (East Timor)
■Drama Presentation (2008/04/22)

Hello from Dili, East-Timor!

We held a drama presentation last week at Comoro Youth Centre. This is a five-month short programme aiming at promoting Comoro children, youth and parents five major areas of issues. They are following:

  1. Children’s Right
  2. Women’s Right
  3. Prevent Domestic Violence
  4. Importance of Education
  5. Importance of Peace

This month was third month, which topic was “Prevent Domestic Violence”. The participants had practiced under the tutelage of a drama teacher for a month. The practice held from 4:00 to 6:00 form Monday to Friday with great enthusiasm. Participants were eleven. Each had a role and this role helped them to express their emotions, such as happiness, sadness and anger. They became accustomed to performance due to so many practices and presentations so far.

On the presentation day, they played well. They acted very aggressively by moving around a whole stage. Sometimes they went down the stage and sometimes they pretended to fight on the stage. It was very impressive presentation because it made audience laugh, cry and anger together.

Total number of audience was 600. In East Timor, there are a few entertainments. So, in every event like this, many people come to watch and enjoy them. When starting music as a signal of the beginning of the event, children, youth, women and men are assembled from nowhere. Everybody looks forward to watching the event. This drama presentation has brought about another effect, that is to say “Entertainment”. This has provided community people enjoyment and refreshment, which work for the opportunity to release their stress. As a result of this, the security in Comoro area has improved in addition to the deepen understanding of five areas of issues. We will continue implementing drama presentation in order to achieve those purposes further.

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