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 Timor Leste (East Timor)
■Christmas Party (2007/12/27)

Majority of population in Timor-Leste is catholic, therefore, Christmas is celebrated throughout the country. Along the street, there are many hut decorated with Santa Claus and Maria signage. At Youth Center, we decorated Christmas Tree in front and had a Christmas Party for small children.

On Tuesday, Dec 18th, we started a Sports Tournament only for small children. The requirement is only age 12 or under. There were 7 teams participated. The game started at 4:00pm. The weather was rainy. The referee is our Sports Coach, Roque who plays a Defense for Timor-Leste National Soccer Team. On the note, he will play a World Cup qualify round against Hong Kong in January 2008. The game was held at Basketball court. Our staff’s hand made goals were used. The game continues until Friday. On Friday, when we have a Christmas Party, the final match was held.

On 21st of December, the Christmas Party was held. Staffs were busy preparing for the event in the morning. At 10 o’clock, the Chip-Eating event started. 6 children participated. Whoever eat chips first without using any other body parts except mouth wins. One of our staff give order to begin. Some children couldn’t eat well, and some ate fast.

Next event, walk without fall marble on the spoon, whoever reaches the goal first wins.
There were children who walked fast without dropping it, and there were children who walked slowly. The parents of children are more excited than the children themselves. Cheering their son or daughter.

After this, there were lottery. Our staffs scattered the paper with number on it. Children rushed to get lottery ticket. The winner will be announced during the ceremony.

In the afternoon, there was a tug of war. Many children participated in two groups. They look all enjoying the event. We had a guest from “Unity of Children”. They sang song very well. They sang songs like Christmas songs to Brazilian Dance. There were about 20 performers came. We were convinced why they perform in radio station every Saturday. They had a beautiful harmony. The crowd love them. At the same time, the cooking contest begun. There were many Timor-Leste’s traditional cuisines. We could feel the enthusiasm from the participants.

The last was Award Ceremony. The winner from Soccer, Cooking Contest, other activities.

The guests who came were Ms. Shimodaira from Japanese Embassy, Ms. Sandra and Yodit from UNICEF.

All the participants were happy and we were glad to see their smiles!

Reported by Daisuke Shizuya
Project Coordinator in East Timor
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