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 the Philippines
Emergency Support for Philippines’ Super Typhoon Survivors
KnK Philippines Team Starts Survey in Leyte and Samar Islands

KnK decided to conduct its initial survey on the actual conditions and needs of typhoon victims in Leyte and Samar Islands, which had received the worst damage in the typhoon.  Four members of the survey team headed for the devastated areas last weekend.  Driving south from Tacloban Airport on Leyte Island, the team first visited Palo and Tanauan and then arrived in Samar Island, where the survey began.

Phil Survey Map

Samar is the third biggest island, next to Luzon and Mindanao, among all the islands of the Philippines, and most of its inland area is covered with mountains and jungles.

Phil Basey

In the team’s first destination town of Basey in the southwestern area of the island, the electricity supply was not yet restored, but the electric company was installing new hydro poles (as of November 23rd).  From the interviews with survivors in the Basey and Marabut districts, the team learned that, at around seven a.m. on November 8th, the strong winds downed houses, churches, schools, and trees, and the high water level of 4.5 – 6 meters did not leave the villages for 10 to 20 minutes.  It took the survivors three days after the disaster happened before they finally received relief supplies from local governments.  Various organizations and the government of the Philippines have supplied food, such as rice and canned food, as well as clothing.  The survivors are, however, still in a great need for more water, food, blankets, mosquito nets, candles, and so on.

Children in MarabutChildren in Marabut

Children in the Most Vulnerable Group of Society Are Victimized in the Disaster

In the areas that include Basey and Marbut that KnK’s Philippines’ team surveyed, the typhoon completely destroyed the buildings of ten high schools and all elementary schools, leaving only two schools partially destroyed in Osmena District.  Local residents explain that classes will resume in a temporary building in January, but children will have no educational opportunities until then.

Marabut 1
High School Building Destroyed by the Typhoon / Marabut

Marabut 2
Elementary School Completely Destroyed / Marabut

Marabut 3
Girl Explaining Her Situation by Drawing Pictures
on the Car / Catbalogan

A boy in Samar

Winaray is mainly spoken in Samar Island, and not all residents speak English or Tagalog.  The survey team, driving north from Basay, had difficulty communicating in Tagalog with children they met in the town of Catbalogan.  A girl, seemingly around nine years old, explained by drawing pictures on the car that she had lost her entire family and house.
Some children are left without houses to live in or families to protect them in a neighborhood where deteriorating security is a big concern.

KnK is determined to provide assistance to the most vulnerable of children like them. Your continuous, generous support will be highly appreciated.

Your support is needed now to help the typhoon survivors in the Philippines.



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