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 the Philippines
Your Help Urgently Requested To Help Philippines’ Flood Survivors (2012/8/10)
philippines photo

After a continuous record rainfall, Metropolitan Manila in the Philippines had more excessive precipitation from the night of August 8th until the morning of 9th, and the number of disaster victims is expected to be no smaller than 1.95 million (as of August 9th).  More than 3,000 houses were damaged, but a great number of severed roads have made it difficult for the victims to evacuate or receive relief supplies.    
The staff members of KnK Philippines conducted a survey on August 8th in Bagong Silang, the area most badly damaged.  Bagong Silang is also the largest poor community in the Philippines.   KnK has been working for its residence quite a while, and naturally many of KnK’s young beneficiaries live in this area.  The heavy rains devastated more than 1,000 households in Bagong Silang, and many of the people living along the flooded river have been forced to put up with inconvenience at shelters. 

KnK has decided to provide emergency assistance to people in Bagong Silang, who were affected the heavy rains, and started to plan distribution of supplies and other types of assistance.  Your support will be greatly appreciated.

philippines photo

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