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 the Philippines
■Participated in the “One-Peso Campaign” Closing Event! (2011/11/11)

As soon as the news of the East Japan Great Earthquake on March 11 came in, KnK Philippines started a fundraising campaign for the child victims in the Tohoku area.  To close a series of the fundraising activities, an event entitled “Help Children in Japan Concert for a Cause – Little Voices, One World” was held in Quezon City in Manila on Friday, October 14, which attracted 230 visitors.

The event featured a movie that showed Filipino children collecting funds and the devastated areas in Tohoku, which reminded the audience of the large typhoon that devastated the Philippines in 2009.  After the movie, a number of cans of money donated by students and community members through the campaign were handed from Filipino children to Japanese representatives. 

Apple, who led the campaign project (right)

At the event, young people who had actively been involved in the campaign presented their experiences through the activities.  As well, the residents of the slums, which had been severely damaged by the 2009 typhoon, told the stories of their experiences.  It was very moving to hear administrative officers in charge of the slum areas and children who had lost their houses in the typhoon told, “We will never forget that Japanese people helped us after the 2009 typhoon.  We want to do whatever we can do for them this time.”

Cans of funds collected through the One-Peso Campaign, handed to the president of Kokkyo-naki-Kodomotachi.  The event was covered by the media and appeared
in a number of newspapers on the following day.

The donations came mainly from students of public and private elementary to high schools, international and local NGO’s working in Manila, companies, and individuals.  The total amount of funds collected is expected to be 39,000 pesos (approximately 74,000 yen).  KnK Philippines took this campaign as an opportunity to enlighten young generations and communities in the country and educate them about the significance of donation, however small the amount, and about the importance of disaster prevention.  The team also worked to promote Filipino friendship with Japanese children.  The results were obvious at the event on October 14.  The support of the slum communities and children in the Philippines and their encouraging smiles were very reassuring for people in the devastated areas in east Japan, as well as for us who work to support the survivors.

Popular artists and bands volunteered a concert to attract visitors.

In front of thank you messages from Japanese children.

Newspaper articles of the campaign event in Filipino newspapers on the next day.
Reported by Ayako Otake
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