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 the Philippines
■Graduation ceremony (2011/05/19)

We had a graduation ceremony for the ALS passers of Quezon City where Payatas was located.
It is said that only 20 % can pass the A&E exam. This year, more than 600 learners passed the exam in Quezon City (Primary level: 221 passers, Secondary level 410 passers).

Now, our KnK learners from Payatas, called Rica (15 years old) passed the exam and got 6th award of primary level in Quezon City!

Rica was able to attend formal school up to grade5, but as she had a heart problem, she dropped out. After recovering from sickness, she once got back to school, but again, she had no choice but to drop out because of the advice by the doctor and family poverty.

“Even though they have the interest in the study and they are keen to study, sickness, poverty or their parents themselves can be the hindrance of learning” said ALS teacher in Payatas.
Lots of children/youth in the Philippines give up going to school as they can’t pay transportation amount of 30 yens per day and uniforms etc, or as they are forced to work.
However, lots of youth are eager to learn. Not only educational impact, but when they join ALS, they learn from classmates, they grow up…We can see their behavioral change, too.
According to the teacher, Rica became more active and behaves herself.

When I asked Rica, how her parents reacted when they knew that she got 6th awards in Quezon city, she said “They said they are proud of me” covering her face with her hands as she embarrassed.
Not only the achievement she made, but we believe the pride that she was praised by parents would enrich her life more.

As one year finished, KnK Philippines started recruiting new learners of ALS.
It is called ALS Caravan and about 60 people including KnK staffs, local government, past ALS passers and present ALS learners went around community passing out brochures of ALS.

People in the community looking us wondering what was going on but once they got brochures, they were reading it carefully.
Some of the past ALS learners who joined ALS Caravan also became to know KnK and ALS with this ALS Caravan we had before.

We hope that as many children as possible would feel enjoyment of learning.

Reported by Yuriko Hisano (Project Coordinator)
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