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■A step forward to the dream (2011/03/02)

ALS(Alternative Learning System) in Bagong Silang

Not only Christmas, but also people in the Philippines enjoy the Valentine’s Day by buying flowers or sending cards. Just right after the Valentine’s Day of 2011, good news was brought to KnK.

Many children and youth in the Philippines cannot attend school because of poverty or other reasons but there is a non-formal education called ALS (Alternative Learning System) and if learners pass the A&E (Accreditation and Equivalency) test, which is held once a year, they can get the diploma and can enroll in college.

Under KnK, ALS is conducted in Bagong Silang and Payatas by the qualified teachers. There was A&E exam in October 2010 and February 15, 2011, the result was finally announced!
We are now delivering the voices of passers and teachers who had been waiting for the results having butterflies in their stomach.

Essay and drawing that they got award!
Joshua (20) and Ricky (18) from Bagong Silang attended formal high school but dropped out because of financial problems. They started ALS and passed A&E test this year. Furthermore, they received award for essay and drawing respectively! They used to work from 5/6pm to 5/6 am selling peanuts even they were attending ALS.

Congratulations! How do you feel now?
Joshua “Of course I am happy that I could pass the test. I have not informed my parents yet but I think they will be glad, too.”
Ricky “I am happy to get diploma and I am proud of myself.”

Joshua and Teacher Cathy

ALS in Payatas

Ricky is working out a problem

What is your future dream?
“I want to be an English teacher. To become a teacher, I have to go on to college. I still don’t now whether I can go to the college or not, but I hope that parents can support me.”
Ricky “I want to become a civil engineer.”

Massage from Teacher Cathy who helped them to pass the A&E test.

Cathy teaches seriously (right)

“Even after going to the college, if you have any difficulties, I will always help you. When you find a good job, let’s eat at the fine dining restaurant! Especially, as Ricky promised me that he will design my house, I will be looking forward to the day that you become a civil engineer.”

“Also, those who couldn’t pass the exam, I want them to challenge again. I consider the learners as my family. As long as we are here and there is ALS, you can continue to achieve your dreams even you have financial problems.”

Nothing is happier if we can support them to achieve their dreams.
We will continue our support so that children and youth can make their dreams come true…

Reported by Yuriko Hisano (Project Coordinator)
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