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 the Philippines
■Peter Frankl Visits KnK Site in The Philippines! (2011/02/10)

Mr. Peter Frankl visited a KnK site in the Philippines at the end of January. A well-known mathematician and street performer, Mr. Frankl juggled for children at the House for Youth and street children.
Children were excited when Mr. Frankl spoke to them directly in Tagalog, which he learned during his stay. At the welcoming reception at the House for Youth, children showed him their favorite dances and songs.

The children cheered when Mr. Frankl said in his speech, “I will raise funds with my juggling once I go back to Japan and send them to you. You all study hard, too.”

Activities on the Street: Harsh Conditions and Hopes

Peer educators, 28-year-old Junjun and 22-year-old Harold, are in charge of KnK

From left, Junjun, Jason’s wife, Jason

Philippines’ street activities. Having been street children themselves, they are working to support street children, utilizing their experiences. Unlike Junjun and Harold, quite a few people at their ages are still living on the street where they visit every week for their support activities.
On the day they visited a town called Balintawak, they met Jason (21 years old), who used to be a gang leader. Born and raised on the street, Jason has a small body due to malnutrition but takes great leadership of the children when KnK carries out activities in this area. At the beginning of December last year, his 17-year-old wife gave birth to their third baby. Birth of new street children is not rare in this neighborhood.

Baby boy Alison
One of his bolder siblings died, and the other was adopted by relatives.

← Harold on the left
Kevin’s mother moved into thistown twenty years ago.
Kevin’s three brothers live with their father and grandmother.

A short distance away, Junjun and Harold met nine-year-old Kevin’s mother. Kevin and his mother live under the pedestrian overpass in a small space fenced with cardboard. The living space is about the size of two tatami mats. Right next to it, the mother runs a street stall.
Kevin was at school, and Junjun and Harold couldn’t meet him. Like Kevin, quite a number of street children go to public school.

Sleeping area for Kevin and his mother

Peer educator Junjun told us he is going to have Kevin at the House for Youth at the end of February at earliest. The House for Youth has a very limited capacity with currently thirteen children. When asked why Kevin was accepted, Junjun answered, “Kevin likes studying and never sniffs rugby (thinner). His mother agreed, too.”

Kevin is going to live separately from his family, but we hope he will soon get used to living at the House for Youth and grows up like Junjun and other children.

Yujo-no-reporter (Reporter for Friendship)
Riku Tazaki (right), visiting the Philippines,
and Kevin(Summer 2010)

Reported by Chiharu Matsuura
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