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 the Philippines
■After one year (2010/10/25)

On September 26th, 2009, super typhoon Ondoy attacked Luzon Island and the people of slums in Bagong Silang, where KnK has been working were heavily damaged. KnK, with support of Japan Platform, Itochu Corporation and support from lots of people, supported the victims with distributing daily necessities such as food, blankets, mosquito-nets, and water proof sheets, and accommodating victim children in House for Youth.

The girl who sing a song

Children showing a dance with big smile

On September 26th, 2010 after 1 year from typhoon Ondoy, KnK staffs were invited to Ondoy Anniversary held by people in the community.

When we arrived at the place in the slum affected by the flood last year, we saw the message ”WELCOME KnK”. There was a lunch prepared for the staffs. Children and youth in the community presented songs and dancing.

The youth who showed a powerful dance

The representative of the community
made a thanks speech

At the end of program, the representative from the community made a massage of gratitude.

“At that time when we were attacked by the super typhoon, our daily stuffs were washed away in the flood and we were at a loss. But KnK supported us and we could get back our ordinary life as we have now. We really appreciate KnK from the bottom of our heart.”

It is said that those victims were cheerful even right after the Ondoy as staffs were surprised. They were saying “we cannot control nature” with smile instead of weeping and mourning over the disaster that already happened. On this day, the anniversary was also full of smiles, however, the representative was making speech sometimes with tears in her eyes. People in the Philippines are always cheerful, smiling and seems to be tough, but at the time of Ondoy, they, of course, had a big shock under their smile. Not only after the disaster,

The participant who draws a local map
in disaster prevention education

KnK has been conducting regular disaster preparedness education to the youth, parents and leaders in the community with the support of UBS Securities Japan Ltd.

On October 18th, 2010, a super typhoon Megi again attacked the Philippines. People in the community kept contacting with KnK staffs and tried to be prepared for the emergency. Fortunately, there was no big damage in the area of KnK. It is said that we would have another some typhoon within this year. May their smile and safety be protected.

*We wish to express our deepest sympathy on the loss of people who were affected by the super typhoon Megi.

Reported by Yuriko Hisano (Project Coordinator)
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