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 the Philippines
■Powerful Lives (2010/06/28)

Last September, huge storm attacked Luzon in Phillipiines. Staff members of KnK Japan went to the affected area, and worked with a local team to distribute relief supplies and provided children and youths with psychosocial care in “House for Youth” which was used as evacuation shelter. It’s been 9 months since then. How are they surviving?

Irene and Princess KnK
Irene, who was pregnant at that time and lost her house due to the storm, gave birth to a baby girl at House for Youth. The baby is known as Princess KnK, and the staff members as well as children around love taking care of her.

Princess KnK, born in "House fro Youth".

Though Irene’s husband managed to re-build the house, and the family is now living in the new house, they did not have enough construction supplies to make it a perfect house, and their lives are even tougher than before. They need to get water from neighbors as do not have water pipe running in their house. Therefore, they are made to bath baby with very limited water. On top of that, there is also a hygiene issue with domestic animals and sewage nearby. Despite these difficulties, Irene, holding her two children with a smile in her face told us. “We are very thankful to your help provided at that time.”

Grown Princess KnK. (Center)
Newly build house.


Zaira who participates in a computer class held at “House for Youth” is going to enroll in a computer college by this coming school year. She is also one of the ones who lost the house during the typhoon, whom we met right after the disaster when we were doing survey in devastated areas.

Torn down house. (Top)

Zaira's father building house for the family using debris. (Right)

Her father, who sells ice cream to support the family, couldn’t go to his job due to work harder to re-build the house. While he was out for work, Zaira and her brothers also worked to support the family by collecting and selling garbage. We told her to “come to our House for Youth if you need anything”. After several months, their house was built with government support and the supplies bought with loan, and she successfully will enroll in the computer collage. When we visited Zaira’s new house recetnly, her father was out selling ice cream to get money for her education and loan payment.

Newly built house. (Top)

Zaira who is going to collage. (Right)

Typhoon happened to strike the slum area, and there are many who lost everything. But with all of helpful support from Japanese supporters, they are getting back their lives, and living strongly.

Reported by Kyo Shimizu
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