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 the Philippines
■Started to Provide Aid Supplies to 370 Families (2009/10/14)

With assistance from Japan Platform, delivery of aid supplies started in the affected Bagong Silang on the 12th. Aid recipients are 370 families whose houses were fully collapsed in the river flood. Food including rice and canned food, as well as blankets, tarps, and containers, is provided. Mosquito nets are among the commodities to be delivered in order to prevent tropical diseases spread by mosquitoes such as dengue fever.

Information is given in advance at the supply station so that delivery will be complete without interruption.

In order to avoid creating a chaotic situation during delivery, KnK maintains close cooperative relationships with the local government. Multiple supply stations help disperse the recipients. The criteria of recipients were clearly defined so that reasonable explanation can be given to non-recipients. Each family receives a coupon to be exchanged for aid supplies; in this system, no single family receives aid supplies twice.

A coupon is tightly held in each hand.

Disaster victims standing in line at the reception desk of the supply station.
Each name is checked off on the list before supplies are given.
Children visiting the supply station with their parents.
Survivors looking for their names.
Handing aid supplies to each recipient.
Got the supplies!

KnK has temporarily suspended its regular projects, including non-official education, and all staff members deliver aid supplies, sort items, and take care of the children staying at the House for Youth.
Supplies are sorted until late every night.
Supplies are loaded into trucks borrowed from the local government.
Supplies packed in storable and portable containers.


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