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■Shelter at the House for Youth (2009/10/6)


Children divided into groups by region sleeping together from loneliness. They are lying down on the cardboard spread on the floor due to a lack of straw mats and mattresses.

Families who lost their houses in the typhoon are temporarily staying at their neighbors’ or relative’s houses. However, these houses of neighbors’ and relatives’ are also damaged or full of mud and under difficult circumstances. KnK has opened the House for Youth as a shelter and accepted 51 mothers and children to provide them with food, shelter, and clothing.

The parents of some children remain in the affected areas under the care of their neighbors to protect their remaining property. Though children are temporarily separated from their parents, they are emotionally extremely unstable. Especially at night, quite a number of children start crying and screaming “Mommy! Mommy!” When this happens, Peer Educators immediately come to them. They stay at the shelter in this emergency situation to take care of the children.

Peer Educators think of a variety of activities, such as dances, games, and drawing, so that the children can forget their loneliness for a while. They are reliable big brothers for the younger children.

Feeling scared, some children start crying for their mothers in the middle of the night.

Others cannot go to sleep in a new environment.

Peer Educators take care of the younger children 24 hours a day and lead them in activities, such as games and dances, to ease their fears.

At the House for Youth, experienced staff members provide nutritious food to the children. Playing games and having meals together unite children from different regions and help relax their unstable mental states.

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