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 the Philippines
■Damage of Bagong Silang (2009/10/2)

The flood gouged the both shores of the river and swept away the houses.

Bagong Silang

More than 800,000 people live in Bagong Silang, Manila’s largest poor area. 2,300 families were affected by the typhoon on September 26, and approximately 300 houses were totally collapsed. The tremendous amount of water released from the Ipo Dam and Angat Dam raised the water level in bursts and instantly swallowed the houses standing on the shore. Having nowhere to go, people are forced to live in the shelters, but fathers live where their houses used to be in order to protect what little land and property are left behind. Schools are temporarily closed, and children are helping their families clean their houses and gather garbage. Even the houses that barely escaped from the flood are full of mud, which ruined clothing and furniture. Considered relatively less damaged than other areas, Bagong Silang has been provided with very few supplies. KnK accepts children having nowhere to go and mothers with infants at the shelter in the House for Youth and is preparing for supplying commodities to severely affected families.

A large amount of mud flooded into the houses in the inland area.

Residents raking mud out of the houses.

While his mother and sister live at the shelter, Franklin and his father stay here to protect the remaining property.

Franklin (13 Years Old)

The river I always played in looked angry. I had never experienced such a fierce storm, and I was scared. Soon my neighbors started screaming. Everyone was shouting, “Run! Run!” I didn’t know what to do and desperately ran in the direction everyone was running.
I returned after the typhoon was gone and found we had lost our houses.
The river had swallowed them all.

The houses were washed away in the storm and river flood.

Elza (17 Years Old)

People rebuilding their houses on their own. They have no knowledge of construction.
Elza, 17 years old, is a high school student. In this situation, she cannot go to school but is supporting her family by collecting garbage with her siblings.

Elza’s father used to sell ice cream. He is now rebuilding the house on his own and cannot go to work. As he was having his children do the job of collecting garbage, he calmly said, “I would like to let them go back to school as soon as possible.”
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