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 the Philippines
■Urgent Request for Aid for Flood Victims in the Philippines (2009/9/29)

On September 26, Typhoon Ondoy attacked Luzon Island, Philippines and dumped an amount of rain exceeding the monthly average of the region in only nine hours. This is the biggest rainfall since 1967. Nearly one quarter of the city of Manila was flooded, and the number of the disaster victims is said to have reached 1.8 million as of September 29. The government of the Philippines released an urgent appeal for international aid.

According to the local KnK team in the Philippines, of all the KnK areas of activity, the region of Bagong Silang has been affected the most by the disaster. KnK has been providing children with educational assistance in this so-called largest area of poverty in the country for six years, but due to the damage from the typhoon, these activities have been forced to be suspended. Thousands of houses were destroyed or washed away in the heavy storm, and the local infrastructure has been lost. The children in the area, who were already in deep poverty before the disaster, are now facing a crisis.

KnK is now requesting emergency aid from our supporters and newsletter readers for the children affected by the heavy rain in the Philippines.

KnK was in the process of opening its new “Wakamono-no-ie (House for Youth) in the city of Manila with financial assistance from Itochu Corporation but has decided to open the institute two months earlier than scheduled as a temporary shelter for children. Approximately 40 children who lost their houses in the disaster and ten or more infants and their mothers are to be accepted into the shelter. In the meantime, daily commodities, such as food, life and hygiene products, blankets, and mosquito nets, are now being prepared to be provided to about 500 families in the area of Bagong Silang, as well as the area of Payatas, infamous for the gigantic pile of garbage called Smokey Mountain.

The devastating natural disaster has put the children on the verge of crisis.
Your support will be sincerely appreciated.

Four KnK local staff members in the Philippines also lost their houses. On September 29 the first five children were accepted in the shelter at the new House for Youth, which opened earlier than scheduled. On October 1, some members from the KnK Tokyo Office will come to the city and start emergency assistance activities.


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