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■Big dreams in Palestine (the last part of the video workshop) (2013/11/13)
Supported by the grant assistance for Japanese NGO projects, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

On the other hand, team “town” was also carrying out filming. They should be introducing culture of the town but “the wall” was always presented behind this.   

Before we knew it, while conducting the interview at the sweets shop, we asked the question of “the influence of the wall on the shop”. When we were interviewing a teacher of dabke, a traditional dance, the teacher answered, “I love dabke and am fighting against the wall through this dance.”

Palestine 1
The costume and elegant step are the characteristics of dabke

We really understand that for Palestinian people the existence of “the wall” is enormous and a problem deeply piercing their hearts. We proposed this; “Team “wall” has been stuck with the theme “wall”. At the same time, team “town” also cannot avoid the existence of “the wall”. So, what do you think of making one video by joining the two videos?”
The children said, “That is a good idea. We all are one” and they firmly collaborated. Making one video made it possible for things, which they couldn’t express in each individual video, to be prepared and incorporated in their message.

Palestine 2 Palestine 3
Members of the video team are recording their thoughts into the narration

In the presentation session on the last day, dabke, drama and video showing were performed and a large number of people showed up to the venue. Additionally, Mr. Kamitani, the Second Secretary at the Japanese Embassy in Israel and Mr. Honda, Deputy Director of Representative of Japan to the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, turned out.

Palestine 4 Palestine 5
The presentation session was held with some guests from Japan

Around the wall in El-Alzarya after sunset, the youths throw rocks and the Israeli police or army retaliate with grenades. These youths are fighting with “violence”. However, other arms such as “cooperation”, “dance”, “music”, and “education “ are required in order to bring peace. We have learned through this video that we can fight with these arms.

Palestine 5
Around dusk, the youth and the Israel police start a skimish

Finally, we asked the members of the video team about their dreams. To the children’s future, they have their wonderful dreams such as to become “a banker”, “a stylist”, “a drama teacher”, “an engineer” and so on. Even if a higher wall may stand in front of the children, nobody can stop them from achieving their dreams.

Palestine 7

Reported by KnK Staff Kyo Shimizu
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