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■The separation wall (2013/11/08)
Supported by the grant assistance for Japanese NGO projects, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

“The wall” is the other theme of the video workshop.

Palestine 1
The town of Jerusalem can be seen just beyond the wall

As introduced previously, this separation wall not only divides El-Alzarya and Jerusalem but also surrounds Palestine reaching hundreds of kilometers depriving it of the water source. Palestinians who are living inside the wall are not allowed to enter Jerusalem without a special ID. There is a large number of people who lost their jobs or were separated from their family. For those children living alongside the wall, it was natural to choose the separation wall as the theme for the video.  

After the theme was decided and filming started, the children were faced with the reality of how difficult the theme was. The separation wall has a huge impact as various things were drawn such as messages for liberation of Palestine, art paintings, scribbles and so on. However, only filming the wall does not seem to be interesting as a video. So, we also filmed some interviews of people in the town.
Through the interview, we heard the voices of the people who have suffered from the separation wall.  

Palestine 2
Various pictures
Palestine 3
 were drawn

Palestine 4
Children who were carrying on the filming

Palestine 5
Moving shots from inside a car 

Palestine 6
“Wear an earphone tightly!”, the senior girl said

Palestine 7
Gathering evidence through
Palestine 8
 interviews with shop staff

Even though we filmed the wall and the collection of interviews, something was lacking in the video. The members of the team “wall” felt; the more they filmed, the more they had difficulties in expressing the theme in the video.
After interviewing, I asked “How did you feel after listening to the people’s stories?” Somebody answered, “We really understood the facts.” I answered “Are you satisfied as it is? Nothing will be changed if you leave this situation.” Then, an interpreter angrily told me, “Such comment leads to political criticism.” However, Alaa (13 year-old, girl) answered, “I think education is the only arm.”
Her words gave our theme a hint.

Palestine 9 Palestine 9
The members of team “wall” were confused about the next stage of video after generally filming

Palestine 10
Alaa said, “Education is the arm.”

What will happen next? To be continued.

Reported by KnK Staff Kyo Shimizu
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