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■Beautiful town: El-Alzarya  (2013/11/07)
Supported by the grant assistance for Japanese NGO projects, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

The video workshop has entered the key stage.
We are going to make two videos after deciding the themes.
This time we’d like to introduce one of the themes; “Culture of Palestine”.
“Culture of Palestine” is a very big theme, so we have narrowed down the theme to El-Alzaria where the all children are living.
Ahead of filming, we firstly started routine storyboarding, which is very important work as we put into practice filming according to the storyboard.
We make storyboards of every scene such as “views of the town”, “restaurant”, “school”, and “traditional entertainment” and so on. 

Palestine 1
Storyboards are essential for filming
Palestine 2
Leaning forward and sitting on the desk

Palestine 3
After completing storyboards they went straight to filming

We went to an Arabic cuisine restaurant first and tried to negotiate with the owner for filming. However, the answer was “No”. Suddenly problems occurred. Later on, we heard that the owner was famous for being stubborn. We find such people all of the world.
Next time we negotiated with an Arabic sweets shop owner and got their consent. We smoothly filmed the staff who introduced the sweets and the shop owner who did the interview. When we went out of the sweets shop, we found a huge wall. This is the famous separation wall which is 10m high. On the Israeli side, it is said that this wall is for the prevention of terrorism. From El-Alzarya to the center of Jerusalem, it took about 10 minutes by car. However, it now takes one hour to go through the detour due to the construction of the wall. 

Filmed gingerly outside of the stubborn man’s shop
Palestine 5
Interview at our favorite sweets shop
Palestine 6 Palestine 7
Filming in front of the separation wall

We were next headed to the Christian Church and Mosque.
El-Alzarya is a very unusual town as a Christian Church and a Mosque were built side-by-side. In the world, conflicts between religions are endless but the El-Alzarya is a wonderful town which two religions have been coexisting peacefully. 

Palestine 8
Mosque (left) and Church (right)

Well, can we neatly introduce the El-Alzarya on the video?

Reported by KnK Staff Kyo Shimizu
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