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■Video workshop in Palestine!  (2013/10/30)
Supported by the grant assistance for Japanese NGO projects, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

KnK has been organizing workshops in various countries. A video workshop, which is one of our fields, was held at “House of Hope” in Palestine.

Palestine 1

Palestine 2

Ten people participated in the video workshop on the first day. Next day, the participants increased to 13 as, perhaps, they picked up the rumor of the workshop from somewhere. We asked the participants; “Have you ever had used a video camera?” and almost all the people answered “Yes”. However, they actually have used a video function of their mobile phones and there were nearly no children who had used a real video camera. We simply showed them how to use a camera and then said “you can go and take photos freely”. Those children quickly dashed out from the class room.  

Palestine 3 Palestine 4
Children are filming as their like

Those children returned after filming with the video cameras and showed their videos to each other and also mentioned good or bad points. The good points were “a clear image”, “light weight”, and “easy operation” of the video cameras, etc. The bad points were “the video pictures were moving all the time”, “fingers appeared in the images”, “faces were not filmed”, and so on. We found that the good points were characteristics of the video camera itself but the bad points were problems of their filming technique. I said to those children, “I’ll teach you a professional technique of filming”. Those children nodded several times with shining eyes.

Palestine 5
Please point out the bad things
Palestine 6
Wondering if filmed nicely
Palestine 7
It’s difficult to film moving people
Palestine 8
We practiced how to interview

The children used some techniques that they were not aware of until now. And then their technique was marvelously improved. We could obviously see the children’s delight when we looked into their eyes.

Palestine 9
Everybody is lively

We are going to make a video for real next time. Please look forward to it.

Reported by KnK Staff Kyo Shimizu
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