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■Experience Creating a Website [Part 2]  (2012/10/25)

Palestine photoAfter the photo-taking outing, the children selected their favorite images and imported them into the computer, then they used the graphic software to process the photos and added captions.  Their work was then uploaded to as a part of KnK’s "The Arabian Nights" Project.

On the closing day, the House of Hope was connected with the youth center in KnK Jordan on Skype so the children in both countries could interact with each other.  The city of Amman, where KnK Jordan is located, is less than a hundred kilometers away from Al-Azaria, where the House of Hope of Palestine is, and Arabic of similar dialects is spoken at both locations.  The Palestinian children were excited to see and hear the staff members and children in Jordan on the monitor!  Though they both speak Arabic, the children had never spoken with someone in a foreign country on the Internet.  KnK Jordan’s staff members and children had already viewed and told the workshop participants in Palestine about what they thought of the website.  The children had a lot of fun, and the interaction lasted nearly an hour, far beyond the original plan.

Palestine photo Palestine photo
Palestine photo Palestine photo

The children that participated in the workshop wanted to talk with the Jordanian children on the Internet again.  We truly hope their experience in this workshop will help the children remain curiosity in any circumstance and nurture their passion for free expression and active interaction with people in different countries or of different races.


Abdallahouf (9): Youngest of all and very curious, Abdallahouf enjoyed taking photos of various landscapes.
Palestine photo

Qusay (12): Qusay is outgoing and talked the most with Jordanian children and staff.  On the website, he wrote, “The House of Hope gives us hope. Our hope is to someday remove the wall and the return to our land will come true.”
Palestine photo

Jumanah (12): The photo Jumanah selected was taken by a staff member from Japan, Sawa Iwakuni.  If you look closely, you can see “I love you” in the photo.  She looked embarrassed when her name was called by the Jordanian children, but soon she opened up and enjoyed talking with them.
Palestine photo

Qusay (12): He took unique photos with lighting tricks.  He says, “I live in Al Sawahra.  I love mushrooms, my school, and Palestine!”
Palestine photo

Saleh (12): Excellent writer, Saleh wrote that he loves the activities at the House, and that the House is his second home.
Palestine photo

Mohammad (12): Mohammad captioned a photo of working children, “I don’t like to see children wasting their time for the future on work.  I wish they could come to the House.”
Palestine photo

Abdallah (14): Rather the quiet type, Abdallah chose a photo of the back of someone’s head.  Giggling, he captioned it, “A boy with lice.”  The staff members and children in Jordan had a laugh about this.
Palestine photo

Reported by Chiharu Matsuura
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