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■ Distribution of tents and school materials  (2010/10/06)

Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (KnK) is implementing the project, with the support from Japan Platform, to distribute educational supports such as tents and school materials to the floods affected schools in Kohistan District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa State, the north-western part in Pakistan.

In Kohistan District is surrounded by high mountains and its beautiful scenery overwhelms us. When floods happened, however, the huge rocks and stones from the mountains destroyed everything in the river side area including houses, residences, markets and schools and they were all washed away to the flood river.
One of the local staffs said there used to be a very big market along the river before floods, but it is hardly possible to imagine what it looked like before when I saw such devastated areas.
Besides, it is very difficult to move away the huge rocks and stones, and one of the main roads around this area had been blocked for 40 days since the floods happened in the end of July. Even now the restoration work is continuing in this place.

There used to be a market here. Now completely covered with rocks and stones.

The restoration of roads is still continuing.

There used to be a school for girls, but now there are no traces for that.

The bridge that washed away by the floods. Many students used to take this bridge to go to school.

In this situation, our project of distributing tents had started on 20th September.
In one place, we had to start working on the ground maintenance to remove all the rock and make it flatten so that we could install the tent on that site. There, I saw one guy working on the ground maintenance and turned out he is the teacher of the school on that site before the floods.

Mr. Abudula, a teacher of 6 subjects such as Urdu and English, 30 years old, said “as soon as we could install the tent, we are ready to open the school here and everything is possible for students’ future with the tent. I truly appreciate this educational support for children and appreciate the support from Japan“.

Sadbul(left). He came here to watch the ground maintenance work with his friends.

We also had an interview with one boy looking at the work on the site. His name is Sadbul, 13 years old and he is a student of the school before floods. He said he and his family left their house for their relatives’ house in the mountain side before the floods attacked this area. He told us that the floods washed away his house and it terrified him a lot. When we told him that the school will be back again soon he showed his smile and said he is very happy to hear that and he is very inspired to work more on his favorite classes such as English and Urdu.

In the other place we visited, the installation of tent had already started and I helped install the tent. There were school managers and his families and neighboring people and so on to help us install the tent. They understood the purpose of our project to reactivate the school and helped us as much as they could.

Mr. Gorahm Hussein, a manager of the school, 50 years old. His family also helped us install the tent and manage the school.

This school is said to be the only school that has been activated and functional for girl’s education around this area (in Pakistan boys and girls are in general separated in schools), and there used to be more than 300 students studying in this school before floods. Mr. Gorahm Hussein, a manager of this school, 50 years old, explained that they had not seen any possibilities to reactivate the school because the school was washed away and the bridge to the school was washed away too by the floods. However, the parents of students always asked him when possibly the school opens again. He told me that we should understand that the parents of students and neighboring people got interested in education for children, especially for girls.

People from the neighbor helped us install the tent.

This time through this visit in Kohistan for distribution of tents, I realized what is really happening and how people are living in such devastated area. Among them, I found some schools had been left damaged, not restored since earthquake back in 2005 October. Compared to roads and hospitals, it must be said that school restoration has been tended to be postponed or ignored.


This tent, 4.8m*7.3m, can accommodate with 40 to 50 students.

Silver painting of poles of tents on his hands.
You helped us or just played with it?

Actually that is why it is important for us to provide tents and provide safe places for children to concentrate on their studying. KnK has bee working in this country for 5 years since earthquake. We have implemented the project for educational center called Hew Hope Academy and the project for building the schools to keep supporting education opportunity for children.

It will take quite a long time to restore all the things they lost after floods, and it requires continuous activities to support children’s education in Pakistan. To keep providing educational opportunities for children, we are in need of your warm support and deep understanding.


Reported by Akinori Kumamoto (Project Coordinator)

Please contribute to the emergency aid that supports child survivors.

The area affected by the floods makes up one fifth of the national land area of Pakistan, and it is estimated that 6 million of the 15.4 to 20 million survivors are children.
Yet another disaster has struck the people of Pakistan as they were struggling to recover from the damage caused by the great earthquake in 2005. It is feared that damage is still spreading and that a complete recovery will take a long time.
Pakistan, together with neighboring Afghanistan and India, is thought to be a keystone of world peace and stability. For peace and stability, and for children to play important roles in the future of the country and the region, there should never be a lack of access to education. KnK has been providing educational opportunities and mental health care to approximately 2,500 children in Pakistan since the great earthquake in 2005. For our new emergency aid project, we will continue to work mainly for educational assistance, with our local partner, offering assistance to affected schools, such as tents.
What drives children in the crisis of poverty and disaster into the deepest despair is indifference from the world around them. Please give generous support to the child survivors in Pakistan.

Please enter “Pakistan Floods” in the remarks box.

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