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■ Using skills learnt (2010/06/02)

Competition of product’s development
In the scope of the project “Educational Assistance and Self reliance Support for the Youth Affected by the earthquake in the North West Frontier Province, Pakistan”, the vocational training for the beneficiaries and tdeir female family members is an important activity. The classes of the Vocational Skills were started at the three vocational training centers i.e. Shinkiari, Sathangali and Balakot. At all the three vocational centers, inter-center competitions amongst the learners are continuously conducted to give the practice opportunities to the learners and assess the proficiencies of the learners.
More than six months have passed since the vocational training centers were inaugurated. During these six (6) months, the learners have been able to attain the enough proficiency in developing the products (embroidery, simple garments, Straw Baskets, Ornamental Products) according to the modern designs and fashions.

During the second week of May, 2010 i.e. from May 10, 2010 to May 14, 2010 a competition was arranged at the vocational training center Shinkiari to find out the top five (5) learners of the vocational training center Shinkiari. In this competition, total twenty four (24) learners of the vocational training center Shinkiari participated who were divided into three groups. Each group consisted of eight participants. This competition remained continued for one week. The participants of the Group “A” were allotted the tailoring products i.e. Simple Shirt (Kameez), Trouser (Shilwar) and Baby Frock. Group “B” was allotted the task of producing the Embroidery products. The embroidery work included the work on pillows, bed sheets and cushions’ fabrics. Group “C” was allotted the work of preparation of Simple decoration items i.e. preparation of Straw baskets, decoration mirrors and preparation of stuffed dolls and toys etc.

For the evaluation of the developed products, a two members’ jury of staff members was given the task to announce the five best learners after selecting five best products developed during the phase of the competition. On May 14, 2010, the Jury collected all the products developed during the competition. After assessing the developed products on the basis of pre-agreed criteria, five best products were finalized and the names of five (5) winner participants were announced by the Jury. The winner products included one Kameez, two (2) straw mats, one embroidered shirt and one toy doll etc. In the end, the center In charge distributed the prizes amongst the five winners of the competition.

These were selected five works.
Of cource other products were excelent as well.

Literary Sitting

A “literary Sitting” was arranged at NHA Balakot on April 30, 2010 in which the children of school participated with full zeal and enthusiasm. This program started with the Recitation from the Holy Quran at 10 AM. After the recitation of the holy Quran, Nazia presented a Naat (paying homage to the Holy Prophet) before the audience. Murjaan presented a speech on Literary Essays. Another girl from class 4th presented the didactic sayings of the world renowned personalities of the world. In the end, a “Verse Competition” was held between the two teams of the school’s girls. In this verse competition, the participants presented the poems of the renowned poets of the country. Along with the active participants of the competition, the girls who were present on the occasion as viewers also enjoyed a lot this competition.


Session on Health and Hygiene
Health and Hygiene Sessions were conducted at the NHA Shinkiari and NHA Balakot. These sessions were conducted on April 17, 2010 at Shinkiari and April 12, 2010 at NHA Sathangali. The topics of both the sessions conducted at different venues were the same i.e. “The importance of the balance Diet in the physical development of the children”. The objective of these sessions was to intimate the children about the importance of balanced Diet and the ways to maintain the balance Diet in low cost. The Resource Persons first oriented the children as what constitutes a balance diet and what harmful implications occur when any deficiency takes place in term of any nutrient. They were also oriented about Malnutrition both Macro-malnutrition and micro malnutrition. The Resource Persons then prepared a (Daily Food Chart) in which the participants were oriented as what nutrients should be included in the breakfast, lunch and Dinner. The participants were also informed about the percentage of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals present in each food such as dairy products, meat and vegetables. In the end, the participant’s children asked different questions pertaining to the topic which were responded by the Resource Persons accordingly.


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