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■ Learning Game - A Play in the form of kids'court- (2010/03/29)

A play “kid’s court” was arranged at NHA Shinkiari on March 2nd, 2010. The title of this play was “Child Rights and Evils of corporal punishment”. Such learning games’ events have been incorporated in the study schedule at the NHA centers. The objective of the conduct of such events is to facilitate the learning and awareness of the children in an amusing way in the form of games. In this play, the kids of grade 5th & 4th participated. A court setup was arranged in NHA center Shinkiari and participating kids performed different roles i.e. Judge, Lawyer, Registrar, applicant, witnesses, both parties of the case etc.

Faiza from grade 5th acted as a court judge. Maryum acted as a lawyer from one side (applicant). Anus from class 5th put-up a case through his lawyer that one person of his village had punished him by slapping on his face. According to the convention of Child Rights, no one is allowed to give corporal punishment to any child.

The formal hearing of court started and Maryum started her arguments regarding child rights & corporal punishment. Judge asked the person, the reason for his act of slapping a child. After that two eye witnesses came in the court and they confirmed that Anus was hardly slapped by that person. The judge in her remarks declared that no one has any right to misbehave with any one and punishing a child is a prosecutable crime as it always has very negative psychological impacts on a child by hampering the child development.

In the end, Court found that this case is true and the accused person was sentenced the punishment by the judge. Court decided that the accused person should say sorry to the victim child in front of court & submit a written affidavit that he will never act like this in future. The output of this event is that the awareness of seventy six (76) children was raised on child’s rights, human rights, evils of corporal punishment and courts procedures.


International Women Day

International women day is a major day of global celebration for the economic, political and social achievements of women. On this day, the political and social struggles of women worldwide are highlighted to boost the morale of the women. Friends Pakistan arranged two events at Vocational center Shinkiari and NHA Balakot for the promotion of the theme of the celebrated day.

International Women Day was celebrated at Vocational Training center Shinkiari and NHA Balakot on March 8, 2010. The learners of two centers, their family members and students of NHA Shinkiari participated in these events.

The objective of this event was to raise the awareness about the women’s rights. Girls at both the centers presented different items such as Dramas, songs, speeches on this topic. The two programs finished at 1:00pm.


Teachers’ Training (Third Training Event)

The monthly training event was conducted as per schedule at Shinkiari. The staff members of all three NHA centers participated in this event. The topics of the training were selected after getting the feed back from the teachers as per their academic and pedagogical requirements. This Training event was conducted on February 25, 2010 to February 26, 2010.

Topics covered in this training were according to the suggestions of the participants and needs of the time as:

  • Peace education
  • Health & hygiene
  • Letters and sounds(Phonetics)?
  • Speaking skills in English

Training started with the Recitation of Holy Quran. After a short review of the previous training event, the proceedings of current training event started. Ms. Sadia, the Resource Person oriented the participants about the topics and the objectives of the third training event. On the insistence of the teachers the topics of phonetics was included in this training event.

First session of this training was of enormous substance, ‘Health & hygiene’. This topic has its all time worth as many say, ‘health is wealth’ etc at all the stages of life. This session gave the better guidance to participant’s teachers regarding Health and Hygiene. Participants had a very careful thought about their children, schools environment and personal health. During the session occasionally some questions were posed to them to ensure their efforts and knowledge regarding the prevailing situation of health and hygiene in their schools. Session had two parts, teachers’ guide and students’ guide, as maintaining good health is the responsibility shared by both. A bunch of information was shared in this session regarding pet hygiene which was a novel idea for them.

Second session of the day 1st, was Letters and Sounds’ in English. This session had a very preliminary knowledge about the basis of English language. Teachers had opportunity to learn about very basic and unique concepts of English language. During the session consonant and vowel sounds were highly concentration grasping. Another important aspect was use of advanced dictionary. Participants were of the opinion that before this session, they always used dictionary just for finding meanings but at the end of this session they were able to not only find the meanings but correct pronunciation and also the grammatical status of the word. They were of the opinion that difference of vowel words and vowel sounds was first time clarified to them.

Third session of training event “day two” was of ‘Peace Education’. This session had massive importance regarding the present situation of the country and the whole world. This session proceeded with open discussion during which participants shared their inputs. Many important things were highlighted, and teachers’ and institutions’ roles were discussed in detail to promote peace education. At the end of the session teachers gave some suggestions in favor of peace education to be included as a part of curriculum.

Fourth session of the training event “day 2nd” was not ordinary but was very prolific i.e. ‘English speaking skills’. Everybody had ears to learn how to speak English fluently. First of all participants’ consent was taken if they were interested in speaking English, which they were by all means, now it was easy to do some activities with them which could break the language barriers. Some important tips to improve English were also shared with them. They enjoyed all the activities of this session and had a lot of time to speak in English. Some were reluctant but mostly they were determined to continue use of English in their schools with their students and also at homes.

Training day ended with the assurance that teachers will implement their learning in their schools and will make it fruitful. Their suggestions were also noted down for future events.


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