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■An Independence Day (2009/10/19)

Fourteen August is the National Independence day of Pakistan. Pakistan came into being on this date in 1947. At Center Balakot, a function was organized on August 14th, 2009 to celebrate the National Independence day of Pakistan. The responsibility of arranging this event was shared by Ms. Sahira the center In charge to Ms. Saima who is the teacher at the center. The event started at 9:30 am and ended at 1:30 pm i.e. lasted for four (4) hours. In this event, total eighty (80) girls of the center and women of the surrounding community participated.

All the arrangements for this event were made by the CMC of the center Balakot along with the center’s staff. Formal invitation letters were written to the mothers of the girls of the center to participate in this event. The volunteers of the CMC gave the letters at each home. A local Social Worker in the area of Balakot, Ms Saima Jabeen was invited as the chief guest in this event.

Children prepared for the ceremoney.

The function started formally with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Sajida Bibi of class fourth presented the Natt Sharif (Verse in Praise of Holy Prophet of Muslims). After this the program of celebration of Independence Day of Pakistan was started. The objective of this event was to enhance the sense of patriotism amongst the learners and the general community members and to give the opportunity to the center’s learners to perform in front of huge gatherings. This event consisted of the following activities:

・Patriotic Songs
・Comedy Plays
・Didactic Plays
・General Prayer

All children celebrated for the important day for Pakistan.

Girls of the center presented speeches, & patriotic songs, poems highlighting the idea of Pakistan and Pakistan’s movement of Independence from the British colonial rule. In the Plays, the situation prevalent at the time of partition when two states India and Pakistan emerged on the map of the world was depicted. The events of bloodshed in the riots after the partition were also depicted in these plays. The performing girls manifested excellent skills of acting and were appreciated by all the audiences by clapping and cheering for them. The Chief Guest Miss Saima Jabeen also expressed her views on the background of partition and the role women can play in the development of the country. In the end, center In charge, Ms. Sahira distributed prizes among the students who actively participated in the event. Seven children got positions in the active competitions.


■A Recreational Function

At the NHA Center Sathangali, a strict schedule of pursuing the academic activities is followed every month according to the course plan developed for the academic year. This tough schedule often exerts extra work burden on the learners. The staff of NHA center Sathangali initiates such programs that are very fruitful to get the minds of the learners afresh.

On August 20, 2009, “A Recreational Function” was conducted at the center Sathangali. In this function, kids of all the grades participated. Kids of different grades presented Natt, poems, Ballads, comic poems, patriotic songs and speeches on different topics. The staff members of the center helped the students in choosing the topics for their speeches and also helped them in providing material for the speeches. Kids however, articulated the material themselves for a speech.

Pakistani children are very serious...

The rest of the children who were sitting as a viewers encouraged the contestant’s kids by clapping and cheering. In total ninety three (93) kids have participated in this event.

Audience children listened to
friends's speech.


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