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■An outdoor excursion (2009/08/14)

The activity of study tours remained an important activity during the previous academic year. At the Center Sathangali, three Study tours were conducted during the previous academic year. As the activity of Study Tour provides learning cum recreational opportunities to the kids of the center so children take a lot of interest in this activity and wait for this short outing for long periods of time.

The center In charge of the center Sathnagali Mr. Saleem had promised an outdoor Study Tour with the children of the Center Sathangali after the conduct of the first term examination in the first of week of July 2009. So immediately after the conduct of examination and finalization of the result of the first term examination, the arrangements for the conduct of this Study Tour were finalized. Mr. Ashraf and Mr. Yasir, the teachers were allocated the task to make arrangements for this study Tour by the center In charge Mr. Saleem. After getting the approval of the center Incharge and project Administrator of Friends Pakistan, the schedule for this visit was finalized.

On July 9 2009, all the children gathered at the Assembly ground of the center. Mr. Saleem briefed the participant’s children about the objectives of the Study Tour. He also stressed the children to remain careful by following the pre-set norms of the visit. All the participants of the visit left 9am for the Thal Maidan which is a lush green touring spot where the people from Sathangali and other parts of District Mansehra visit to enjoy the serenity and calmness of nature. In this area, nomads from the plain areas bring their animals in summers on account of availability of variety of plants and herbs.

They arrived Thal Maidan. Kids were very excited, weren't they?
It is very delicious to have a lunch in nature.

In this study tour, thirty kids (30) of higher grades of the center and four (4) staff members participated. All the participants left for the Thal Maidan in the morning and reached there after having good tracking. After taking rest for some time, kids with the guidance of their teachers met with the nomads and collected information about different kinds of animals which were grazing there. Children noted down the varieties of animals which are most suitable in the conditions of their area. They got the information about the distinctive features of every animal. They also inquired the nomads as which animal kind gives maximum output in term generating income. They also investigated as which types of plants and herbs these animals of nomads eat with fondness. After that, children who were divided into the groups went to the nearby surrounding forests under the leadership of their group leaders to collect more information about the wild animals and the plants.

A Song competition was held at the Thal Maidan in which almost all the children took part. After spending the complete day at Thal Maidan, a formal return was announced by the center In charge. Children while tracking enjoyed themselves with singing of songs and dancing in jubilance. ?

Children love playing cricket.

■Human letters

What can you read?

Yes, this is "KnK"!

This is our friends, "FWA".

"NHA" is our school!!. Who is sitting above the letters?

They reached at Sathangali at 5 pm in the evening from where they all disbursed to their homes.

Reported by Javed Iqbal
Managing Director of FWA
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