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■NHA children going to the future (2009/06/02)

■Awareness Raising Cum Award Distribution Ceremony

On May 7th, 2009, an Awareness raising Cum Award Distribution Ceremony was arranged at the center Balakot. In this event, the announcement of the results of annual examination of all the classes, distribution of prizes amongst the position holders and awards were distributed among the successful trainees of the vocational class. Along with this, sessions for the awareness raising of the center’s girls and women of the area were also conducted.

In this ceremony, the girls of the center Balakot, trainees of vocational class and women of the areas, Mohri Shohal and Dara Shohal Balakot participated. The arrangement for the event was made by the Center Management Committee (CMC) along with the staff of center Balakot. The volunteers of the local community contributed to make seating arrangements and refreshment arrangements for the guests of the ceremony.

The ceremony started at 10:00 AM and remained continued till 1:00 PM in the noon. The center In charge of Balakot center Ms. Sahira Mushal along with the representative group of learner’s girls hailed all the guests who had come to participate in the ceremony. The ceremony started formally with the name of the most beneficent, all mighty God. One girl of class 4th recited few verses from the Holy Quran. After that girls of the center, presented before the audiences, poems and speeches. One group of girls presented a humorous play in which the performing girls highlighted the injustices common against women in the area but in a light and humorous way. The acting of the performing girls was very impressive and it filled with pleasures and smiles the faces of all the participants who had come to attend the ceremony.

After that Ms. Sahira, the Center In charge thanked all for making sure their esteemed presence on this occasion. She briefed all the participants about the role of Friends Pakistan/KnK Japan for the promotion of girl’s education, women right as well as about the achievements and milestones achieved so far at the center Balakot. She also shared the progress of the center and briefed all about the numbers of girls who successfully got promoted to the next classes. Ms. Salma, a prominent social worker and a feminist delivered two sessions on the topics
“Role of an educated woman for raising the voice in the favor of women’s participation in the process of decision making at different levels and importance of women education in Islam.” All the participant’s women and the girls of the center listened very attentively both the sessions of Ms. Salma. In the end two women raised the queries regarding the session topics which were satisfactorily responded by the resource person Ms. Salma.

In the end, the center In charge Ms. Sahira and the resource person Ms. Salma jointly distributed the prizes and certificates amongst the position holder’s girls of all the classes and vocational trainees respectively. The faces of parents of such position holder girls were gleaming with pleasure on the success of their girls. Two representatives of women of the area expressed their gratitude to Friends Pakistan and KnK Japan for their magnanimous support for the promotion of girl’s education and skill training in the area. The CMC of center Balakot had made arrangements for the refreshment of all the participants. After having a lot of food for thought, the participants of the ceremony refreshed their minds with the refreshments arranged for them at the center Balakot.


■Reintegration of NHA children

During the session 2008-09, Twenty four (24) students who got enrolled at the educational institutions of Friends Pakistan in the lower classes back in November 2005, completed their primary education and got certificates of Grade Five. These children have been reintegrated in the Government /public institutions for middle and high level education. Six (6) students of NHA Balakot are expected to be reintegrated by September 2009 as their final exam will be held in August 2009 by Board. Friends Pakistan developed a follow up system for these children with a specific objective of knowing the effectiveness of its educational interventions and to make continuation of its support for its beneficiaries for ensuring long lasting impacts of its interventions. This Follow up exercise has been designed to be conducted at the first month of their integration and then after six months. On the basis of the follow-up reports, decisions about the support of the reintegrated children will be made according to their needs. Following is the summary of students and reintegration process.

After the completion of primary education of mentioned students, Project team of Friends Pakistan completed the process of reintegration of these students in the government schools for higher education by the end of the month of April 2009. In this regard, according to plan schedule, majority of kids of Sathangali & Shinkiari have been integrated to high schools with the counseling of their parents and according to the situation. Some of the students who were IDPs & were studying in the NHAs have attained their school leaving certificates as they wanted to go back their place of origin or to other places. In NHA Balakot, exam of 5th class will be held in first week of August 2009 by the Board of Education. The result of these exams will be announced in September and after that students will be integrated to high schools.


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