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■Learning ecology from role playing (2009/3/01)

■Learning ecology from role playing

A didactic play of the Title “Pollution is the Enemy of Nature and human Life” was conducted at the center Shinkiari on February 21 2009. In this Play, children from different grades of the center participated. The arrangement for this event was made by the center In charge Ms Tahira herself. She also wrote the dialogues for this didactic Play.

The objective of conducting this didactic play was to familiarize the children of the different grades of the center about the environmental issues caused by the Pollution, their impacts on human and animal lives and ways to mitigate the environmental issues caused by the pollution. The tool adopted for this awareness raising was that of a Play through which children got awareness about this issue in a friendly and amusing way.
At the start of this event, an awareness session was taken by Ms Tahira to orient the children of the center as what is pollution, how it gets spread and what can be done to minimize its impacts. Ms Tahira used the White Board and charts and through figures and diagrams, she tried to convey her message to the children. She also involved the children in this practice by asking their view points in this regard.

After that a play started, in which children of grade five assumed the characters of Air, Land, Squirrel (animal), Tree, Sun and Volcano. The character who assumed the costume of air expressed the issues and problems it is having with the growing Pollution. In the same way, characters of Land and Squirrel also expressed their issues and problems with the growing Pollution. The characters of Sun, Volcano manifested as what harmful impacts they have on land and human lives due to growing Pollution. In the same way, the character of Tree manifested the remedial capacity it had to address or mitigate the harmful impacts of pollution on the environment and on human lives.

All the children watched the play with pin drop silence. The children who participated in the play demonstrated excellent acting skills which is indicative of their improved confidence and psychosocial situation which was very low at the start of the project.

In the end, Ms Tahira again took feed back from the children as how much there capacity was built regarding the topic Pollution is the enemy of Nature and human life. As all the children remained very attentive and involved during the play, so the learning result from the conduct of this play was amazing. Children gave correct answers of the questions which were asked from them during feed back session.


■Gifts arrived from Japan!

FWA received a gift of educational materials in five Cartons from KnK Japan. These cartons included the items such as Pencils, geometrical instruments, Color pencils, Shoes, Color boxs, Writing pads, Page packets, Note books, Scales, Protectors, Geometric sets, Color pens, Magic inks, Towel and Erasers.

After receiving these items by post, counting of all the items was made and on the basis of this counting a breakup or list of these items was made. After date a distribution Plan was finalized keeping in view the needs and strength of children of all the three centers of Shinkiari, Balakot and Sathangali.

First distribution of these items was made at the center Shinkiari on February 14, 2009. For this, the center In charge of Shinkiari Ms. Tahira made arrangements for the distribution ceremony. Some of the parents of the students were also present on this occasion.? The management staff of Friends Pakistan Mr. Javed Iqbal and Mr. Abdul Shakoor also participated in this Distribution ceremony. Total one hundred and twenty One (121) children both boys and girls got benefited from this distribution. They were handed over the items such as Pencils, Color Boxes, Note books, Scales, Protectors etc and other items of their need.

The second Distribution ceremony was held at the center Sathangali on February 18, 2009. In this Distribution ceremony along with teachers and Children, members of CMC also participated. The distribution of items to children was made under the supervision of CMC Sathangali. The President of CMC Sathangali, Mr. Qazi Shams-Rehman distributed different items in the children of Sathangali. In total, One hundred and twenty two (122) children of Sathangali, both boys and Girls got benefited from this distribution of items.

Third Distribution was made at the center Balakot on February 24, 2009. Girls of the center were provided the items of their need in the presence of the members of CMC. In total fifty four (54) girls of the center Balakot benefited from this distribution of the items.

Since Parents of the most of the children who study at the centers of Friends/KnK belong to extremely poor families, hence it is not possible for them to purchase educational items for their children. The current charity of KnK in the form of Educational Items has brimmed up the hearts of children with pleasure as this pleasure was conspicuous from their face impressions when they were receiving the educational items. This distribution has certainly enhanced the interest of children in their studies and artistic work.

Reported by Javed Iqbal
Managing Director of FWA
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