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■With peopel in the community (2009/2/01)

■International Volunteer Day

As volunteerism is a way of thinking of dealing with life, a way of interacting with the society as its member, guided by a pure inner urge for selfless service to their society members, Friends Welfare Association (FWA) as a development oriented organization has always placed volunteerism as a core component of its strategy. It has envisioned to utilize the strengths of the community members with which this organization is working towards strangling their core issues by motivating them to undertake the self help initiatives.

On the occasion of International Volunteer Day, series of activities were carried out at the village of Sathangali, Union council Hilkot which is a rural backward area where the rural poor people lead a life which is always found full of problems and issues. It was in this perspective, that FWA chose the village of Sathangali for the celebration of the International Volunteer Day to pour the spirit of volunteerism in the local community.

During the first week of December, due to incessant sensitization of FWA ten volunteer groups of children were organized in the educational institutions such as Government primary School (GPS) Sathangali and New Hope Academy (NHA) Sathangali to undertake the voluntary activities in their village and the surrounding areas. Teachers of these educational institutions cooperated a lot with the team of FWA to organize the volunteer groups of children and showed their willingness for arousing the interest of children for the voluntary activities in their daily classes.

An awareness walk was arranged at the Sathangali. The objective of this walk was to pour the spirit of volunteerism in the children and general community of Sathangali. In this awareness walk children of New Hope Academy Sathangali, Government Primary School Sathangali, local Social Workers and members of general community also participated. The awareness walk started from the assembly ground of New Hope Academy Sathangali and headed through different parts of Sathangali and ended at the play ground of GPS Sathangali where this walk took the shape of a general gathering. Children who participated in the walk were carrying the placards and Banners in their hands on which slogans in favor of Volunteerism were written. In the end the group leaders of the volunteer groups oriented all the audiences about the volunteer activities that they will undertake in future including the spring campaign through the plantation of trees in the spring season and to undertake the activities to keep the environment clean. The details of participants who participated in this awareness Walk is given as under.


■Cricket Match
A cricket match was arranged at the center Sathangali. This match was played between the two teams of center Sathangali, Class 5th and class 4th.The match was played at the assembly plot of the center. The players of the two teams reached the play ground at 12:15 PM. Rest of the Children of center Sathangali were also present to view the match for which they were waiting anxiously as children of the center Sathangali have a lot of fondness for this game. All the staff members were also present on the occasion.

Before the start of the Match Mr. Mustafa, the teacher gave the lecture to the twenty two players of the two teams about the rules and regulations of the game, maintaining the discipline and the importance of sportsman’s spirit. Captains of the two teams got involved in the toss process of the coin. Class fifth, won the toss and had their first turn. They scored 60 runs in forty minutes. After that, the team of class fourth had their turn of bating. The team of class fourth, played a bit loosely as compared to the team of Class fifth, as a result the whole team got out on 45 runs. In this way, the team of class fifth, won this match by 15 runs.

After the completion of the match, the players of the two teams shock hands with each other and appreciated the game of each other. All the children enjoyed the match and got back to school by 2:30PM.


■National Disaster Day

In the response of continuous requests made by CMC Sathangali for the capacity building after its restructuring, a one day CMC training session was held as per schedule. This CMC Training session was held on December 23, 2008 at the center Sathangali.

Concept of CMC was clarified.
Record keeping such as meeting menu its register, cash book, payment voucher, acknowledgement receipt, income and expenditure account, meeting invitation and meeting agenda was made clear.
Monthly action plan for the month of January 2009
Fund raising process for CMC was initiated.

Training was started at 10 am in which ten peopele participated. All required materials such as hand outs; writing pad, writing pins etc were provided. Mr. Abdul Shakoor, Admin Officer made facilitation for training. Mr. Abdul Rasheed was the resource person for this training. Training started with recitation of Holy Quran. Mr. Qazi Shamas-ur-Rehman (chair man CMC) recited the holy versus of Holy Quran. Afterwards Mr. Shakoor described the fundamental differences between CMC and PTC. Introduction of the participants was carried out accordingly.?First session was conducted in which introduction of CMC, formation process of CMC and roles and responsibilities was discussed in detail. Not only the responsibilities of CMC but also the responsibilities of chairman, secretary and members were also discussed separately.

After first session lunch and pray breaks were awarded as per schedule. In the second session record keeping, meeting agenda and action plan was discussed elaborately. Training was based on participatory approach and all participated actively participated in it. Questioning and answering practice was a major segment of the training which cleared the concept overtly. For the preparation of work plan, group work approach was applied so that CMC members should become able to chalk out their program themselves.


Reported by Javed Iqbal
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