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■Out Door Educational Visit for Sathangali kids (2008/10/03)

■Out Door Educational Visit Sathangali

In the backward Mountainous areas like Sathangali, scarce opportunities for the refreshment and joy of kids are present. At the center Sathangali, it is always tried to impart learning to the kids in a joyful manner so that kids of the area may enjoy the schooling rather than considering it a mere boorish dull activity.
After the conduct of successful out door visit for the kids of Shinkiari, a plan of such out door educational visit was also finalized for the kids of Sathangali, who are more vulnerable in term of opportunities of merriment in their area.

In this regard, an educational outdoor visit was conducted for the kids of the center Sathangali on August16, 2008. The objective of this visit was to give merriment opportunities to these kids and to acquaint them with different varieties of plants and animals present in their surrounding areas. This visit was promised with them before their examination. Mr. Yasir (teacher) took the responsibility of all arrangements for this educational visit of the kids. The place selected for this visit was Tal Maiden. Tal Maiden is very beautiful place, where local people go for excursions. On the top of the Tal Maiden, there is a lush green natural meadow.

All the arrangements were finalized by August 16, 2008 on account of zeal and full cooperation of kids. On this day, all the children gathered together where they were oriented about the maintenance of discipline during the visit and the objective of this visit.

It takes about two hours to reach to Tal Maiden from Sathangali. Jeep track leads to half way of Tal Maiden. After that there is tracking path up to Tal Maiden This place was also selected to habituate the children with the tracking habit.Tal Maiden, is full of wild animals and plants. Along with amusement, kids of the center got enough learning about the varieties of plants and animals present in their area. From that place every one could easily view the towns of Chatter and Batal. Students played different games like cricket, football and hide and seek there. They sang different songs, took their Lunch in the natural meadows in a very pleasant weather. They spent the whole day there. They shared their understanding about plants and animals with their teachers and enhanced their knowledge by having the inputs of their teachers.

By the evening, the tour participants started to track back home. It took comparatively shorter time to track down the slope. Kid’s minds were refreshed with this excursion after the tedious activity of examination and they were fully enjoying singing while tracking down the slope back their homes.

■International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day is celebrated on September 8th all over the world. This day is celebrated to remind the international community of the status of literacy globally.

In this perspective, a small scale celebration of the international literacy day was made at the center Shinkiari on September 8th, 2008 to enhance the sense of children of the center to contribute their role for the promotion of literacy in their respective areas. For this purpose, children and staff actively participated in the one day celebration of the international literacy day.

Children of different grades of the center worked all the day on the preparation of charts and placards for creating awareness of the community about the importance of literacy for all. They made use of different colors for the display of their feelings about the literacy. The best charts and playcards were displayed by the children of the center at different public places for creating awareness of general public about education and literacy.

Along with this activity, a gathering of the children of the center was arranged in which staff members shared their knowledge about the importance of the literacy for personal and collective enrichment. Children of the center also shared their feelings on this theme as well as they shared the personal enrichment they acquired after they got enrolled at the center Shinkiari. In the end, children of the center pledged to work for the cause of literacy promotion in their respective areas for sustaining the process of development as literacy is not only a positive outcome of the development processes but also a lever of change and an instrument for achieving further social progress.



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