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■Out door visit (2008/07/25)

Formation and Training of Center Management Committees

■Out door visit

In the morning of 7th June, an outdoor educational visit for the children and staff of center Shinkiari was arranged for chatter Plan and Abbottabad (Touring Spot) .The basic aim of this visit was to refresh the minds of the learners specially the children identified during the advisory counseling who showed some psychological problems such as lack of confidence, fear and reluctance. The objective was to give them exposure of the outward world to enhance their level of understanding. In this educational visit fifty five students both male and female, seven teachers & two caretakers participated. All the participants set off for Chattar first, which is towards the northern side of Shinkiari. All the learners enjoyed a lot in the natural environment of the Chattar Plan.

They went to Abbottabad, which is the divisional Head quarter of Hazara division. Learners had their lunch at an open space in a park, and then went to enjoy themselves in a natural scenario. After that, they went to famous Mountain Shimla, where a lot of tourist from different parts of the country had come to have happy time there with their families. Learners had riding on the horses available there and had shooting of balloons with toy guns. After that, they all visited the famous Ilaysi mosque, which was also packed with the tourists. Some of the children had bath in the cold water of the spring there.

During the visit it was quite evident that all children were brimful with pleasure. They waited for this event since last few months and enjoyed to the fullest degree in this tour. The main outcome of this event was that ten children about whom teachers were very anxious due to their strange behavior, showed a greatest interest in the visit, especially during the games. In the evening when darkness was prevailing all round, the center in charge announced the return and by 8 pm all the children managed to reach back their homes happy and satisfied.

■Case study of Noor-Ul-Ainr

Noor- ul- Ain is a resident of Makria Shinkiari. She is a twelve year old girl, who studies at the center Shinkiari. Her two sisters, Ghazal and Marria also study at the center Shinkiari. Her family is comprised of five members. They live with her mother in the house of their maternal uncle. She has one elder brother Arsalan whose mental growth is not normal.

Noor- ul- Ain and her brother and sisters were very young when conflicts arisen between their father and mother. These conflicts went on increasing until it reached the peak position when separation happened between the two. Her mother was compelled to leave the home of her husband along with her young children. She took refuge in her brother’s home as she had no resources with which, expenses of house on rent might be born. There is no one who can do earning for their family. They do not have support of their father whatsoever. Their maternal uncle contributes with them but since he has to bear the expenses of his large family so it is not possible for him to contribute much with the family of Noor ul Ain. Her brother’s mental growth is not normal, so they have to spend a considerable amount on his treatment but his health has not improved yet in spite of a lot of spending on his treatment. This situation compels them to lead a life, deprived of even basic facilities.

Noor- ul- Ain is determined to change this poor situation of her family. That’s why she is very sensitive and serious in regards to her studies. As an elder sister, she takes a lot of care of her younger sisters and help them in their academic and other needs because she is to some extent knows what challenges their family is facing in these days. She gets up early in the morning and after offering her prayer, she helps her mother in her daily routine works by assisting her in the preparation of breakfast for all her family members. After that she accompanies her young sisters to attend the center Shinkiari for fulfilling her educational and other learning needs. She assists her mother in her routine activities after coming back from the educational center after doing away with all the learning tasks of hers, and her sisters meant for home.

This family is facing depths of poverty but still their mother is not ready to give up to hard circumstances of life. She goes to attend the vocational training center which is started by FWA at Shinkiari for the vulnerable women of the area to enable them to make respectable arrangements of bread and butter for their families. She has got the training of sewing, embroidery and preparation of decoration items for the use of offices etc. In a short time, she has developed good skills of these arts as her speedy learning is prompted by her hard circumstances. She expresses her opinion in these words,

“Life is a mixture of pleasure and sorrows where one has to remain ready for poor circumstances all the days. But important thing is that, poor circumstances for a family or an individual do not prevail through out their life if some individuals of the family try to get them out of trouble through consistent handwork. She says, she is thankful to FWA/KnK and their supporters for their programs of education and vocational training for the poor people of the area. I do not have money to support the educational expenses of any one of my children. My three children study at the educational center Shinkiari, supported by FWA/KnK, where they are provided free education,
facility of pick and drop, stationery items and uniform. This facilitation has reduced half of my burden. Secondly, I am having vocational training from the vocational training center of FWA at Shinkiari, which will give me the opportunity to start income generation activities for my family. I am seeing our future prosperous & different from the present situation for which, I consider myself indebted to all those who have supported us”.

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