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■Awards Distribution Ceremony (2008/06/04)

Formation and Training of Center Management Committees

Balakot center is a great facilitation for the community of Balakot as it plays a great role in the women development of the area of Shohal Balakot. Since its inauguration, this center has contributed a lot for the goal of women development through providing quality basic education to them and imparting awareness of rights to them through involving the local community of the area.

For ensuring the involvement and participation of the local community for the activities of the women uplift, mobilization and awareness raising of the community have also been done to make them realize the role of women in development of the area.
It is the result of these steps of FWA that local community of Shohal Balakot now understands the worth of women in the overall development of their area and they are willing to contribute their time to encourage girls in their achievements.

It was in this spirit of cooperation, that an event of distribution of awards was arranged for the girls of the center who secured prominent positions in the last examination at the center Balakot on 10th of May 2008. Local community of Balakot remained highly involved during the arrangements for this event. They invited the eminent personalities (Community Leaders, Religious Leaders) of the area to participate in this event. Local community also contributed in the cost of arranging this event in which hundreds of the community members participated.

The objectives of this event were to encourage the girls of the area who secured prominent positions in the last examination of the center, to present these girls as role models for the rest of the learners to show good performance, giving them a sense that local community is no more resistive to their endeavors of self enrichment and development rather it is supportive to them for the enhancement of their learning skills and to do awareness raising of the community gathered on the occasion about the basic rights of women and creating opportunities for them.

In this event both male and female community members participated keeping aside all their indulgences and busy daily schedules for this purpose. Separate sitting arrangements were carried out for the men and women of the area on account of cultural constraints. In this event 150 male, and 70 female participated which included members of male and female local community organizations, Government school teachers, Government Representatives, Religious and community Leaders.
During the function, community and religious leaders expressed their gratitude for FWA/KnK for extending efforts for the women uplift and development in this area in their speeches. They also stressed the need to realize women and general humanity rights for promoting and equitable and just society which can make their area peaceful and developed. The speakers also stressed the need of organization and self help initiatives for resolving at least their basic issues.

In the end the Chief Guest Mr. Mohammad Sharif who is a renowned educational scholar of the area distributed the awards to allocated representative of the girls (cultural constraints) who secured prominent positions in the Examination. On this occasion, some well off participants also gave cash prizes to such learners. In the end all the participants expressed their willingness to translate into action the efforts for the uplift of women in particular and for the development of their local community in general. The participation of the community both male and female in this event in such huge numbers is indicative of their interest in the center Balakot activities and for the development initiatives of their area.

Reported by Javed Iqbal
Managing Director of FWA
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