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■Encouragement for community initiatives (2008/01/31)

Formation and Training of Center Management Committees

The developmental change in any society is dependant upon the degree of self-help initiatives a community undertakes. Hence in NHA project, with educational and behavioral growth of children, building of self reliance of the community is also given importance to enable them to utilize their potentials for their own development.

Two center management committees (CMC) have been established at Shinkiari and Balakot. Three CBOs, Danish welfare, Moon Star welfare and women organization Aarooj welfare have been merged to form a center management committee at Balakot. In the same way, local CBOs are also merged to form a CMC at SathanGali.

The objective of the formation of these committees is to involve the community to manipulate the center activities along with addressing all the local collective community issues of their areas.

After the step of organizing the communities in CMCs, the capacity building of these committees has been emphasized to enable them to effectively utilize the indigenous resources for overall development of their areas. In this regard, two training sessions with the title of community Management and Skill Training (CMST) were conducted on 30-12-2007 and 04-01 -2008 at the center Balakot and SathanGali respectively. The module of training included, concept of community organization, Need prioritization, Role of women in development, Roles and responsibilities of CMC in center management, conflict resolution and Developing productive linkages.

The CBOs included in the CMCs actively took part in the training and they openly highlighted their local issues. At the end of the trainings the members of the CMCs took the important decisions with mutual consensus. They decided to do community organization at all the village level, develop and implement center improvement plans for the center Balakot and SathanGali, develop community action plan for their village and to develop linkages with different governmental & non governmental agencies for the realization of all the desired objectives.

Total Beneficiaries of the Trainings
Total male participants at Balakot 15
Total female participated at Balakot 05
Total male/female participants at SathanGali 16

Case study of Waqas Ahmed

Waqas Ahmed a nine year boy is a resident of Mohalla Cham, Village SathanGali. He studies in grade three at the NHA center SathanGali. He is a part of a poor and large family. The name of his father is Fazal- ur- Rehman who died in 2001. His family includes his mother, five brothers and one sister. Along with Waqas, his two other brothers Waseem and Ejaz Ahmed of eight and six years each also study at NHA center SathanGali.

Before the death of their father, the family did not see the scarcity of at least basic necessities of life although all the children were very young at that time. Their father was doing the labor work but he was able to meet the basic needs of the family. Their mother was able to do saving for the construction of the house and for the education of her children.

The death of their father was the greatest shocking news for the family especially when all the children were very young. The family lost the bread winner for them. There was not any income source for keeping the needs of the family.

Their mother took the responsibility of feeding her young ones by her hard work and with the charity of few of their relatives. This restored calm and safety for the family as their courageous mother saved the family from starvation.

But there was a lot more sufferings in store for this poor family. In the Earthquake of October 8th 2005, their house of mud was destructed. At this time, they had no place to take refuge under it.

The burden of feeding the family became heavier for their mother. She intensified her efforts to meet the needs of her family. All the money, she saved for the construction of house and education of their children was spent in providing them the basic necessities of life.

More than two years have passed after the Earthquake, but still they have no source of income other than the meager income of their mother. They are still living in a temporary shelter. The family is still devoid of basic necessities of life. But still there is a ray of hope for the family as three children of this family are studying at the NHA center SathanGali. The mother of these children aspires for the comfortable life of her children. She considers the start of NHA center as the most important happening in their area in the last few years. She expresses her feelings in these words, “I had grand desires and aspirations for the futures of my children as I spent most of my days of life in scarcity. I wished my children get all the comforts of life through attaining good education. I saved money for their education but due to worse family situation, I had to spend it on feeding them. I had lost hopes for their better future, when NHA project came forth to realize my aspirations. This center provided free education, Uniform, books and facilities of medical treatment to my children which was otherwise impossible for me to provide my children the same. I consider my self strongly indebted to NHA project and pray for all its supporters and implementers.”

Reported by Javed Iqbal
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