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Hearing Surveys in the Yangon, neighbouring villages (2008/06/16)
June 13th. - We have not yet got a permission to enter devastated areas from the authority. Instead we were carrying out surveys as long as in the regions we were allowed to act. Of course, at the suffered frontier lots of refugees really need emergency aid. However, it is true that within the areas our operations are allowed many victims are waiting for aid. A village in Yangon Division we visited this day had luckily no dead person by the cyclone. Simple houses built up with barks or leaves were completely swept away by the storm. However, because of the simplicity of the construction most of the houses had been rebuilt by the time we visited.

Typical houses in this area

The villagers still need money for materials and stuff even for such simple houses. I wondered if poor village people had enough money for their new houses. I honestly asked them for that question.

“Not all of them could afford expenses for materials. Most villagers borrowed money from their relatives and managed to rebuild them. Some of them sent their children to Yangon city to let them work on the several years’ contract as live-in workers and were going to spend part of their wages for repairing their houses. It is a pity that those children cannot attend schools for a while and are forced to work without fees.

Looking around the village further, I found some families seemed no relatives to borrow money and were just sitting in front of their house remains poorly left. ,
Children sitting in foront of their destroyed house.
The parents are watching us with expectation for donation.
Only one side of the wall were left.
This girl's house was also blown away.
She is survising in this house which were rapidly made with material of ex-house.
Reported by Kyo Shimizu
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