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Quick recovered Yangon City, while countryside… (2008/06/11)

In Yangon city, the infrastructure such as electricity, water supply and transportation recovered and people came back to normal life. The place (see photo) where fallen trees by cyclone were collected tells its disaster.

On the other hand, Kawhmu Township is located in the south of Yangon city. There are schools and dormitories in the monastery managed by monks. Although the capacity of those schools and dormitories, damaged by cyclone decreased to almost half, the spaces are so crowd due to more than 300 students who can’t access to public schools, which were also damaged. Children temporary sleep in classroom instead of dormitories.

More than 20 children stay in this classroom as a shelter.

There are some buildings which roof were blown away and others were totally destroyed.

This boy, Maomao, came to the monastery 2 years ago because his parents couldn’t afford to take care of him. He even doesn’t know his name. In Myanmar a lot of children like him don’t know when they were bourn.
He was in the dormitory with his friends when cyclone attacked here. As the cyclone blew up its roof the children evacuated to the next building. He doesn’t remember anything about it because he was so scared.
“Now I sleep in the class room. It is too small and hot to stay with 20 friends. But I am happy to stay with them and got used to its uncomfortable situation.” He has never met his parents since he came to the place due to its long distance.
Reported by Kyo Shimizu
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