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KnK project for Syrian refugees (2014/01/30)
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KnK Jordan is currently active in a very special project at the Zaatari Syrian Refugee camp in Al Mafraq, Jordan. KnK works in one of the schools inside the camp, conducting special activities like Theater, Music, and Story Writing classes. Also, providing various materials to the sport and art classes in both the elementary and secondary school. For each of the three classes, we have very qualified Jordanian instructors who specifically specialize in these subjects, and with a Syrian assistant for each instructor. The Syrian assistants are all refugees living in the camp, but used to work in related fields back in their homeland, Syria. They are living in the same situation as the students, so who better to understand and deal with the students than one of their own.

The main purpose of this project is to provide classes that are outside the formal education curriculum. These classes will allow these innocent children, whom have suffered more than anyone can imagine a chance to express themselves through activities that they love. Most of these children have gone through horrible experiences, whether it was during the conflict in Syria, while fleeing to Jordan, or while currently living in the Zaatari camp. Since their wounds are still fresh, it is not so easy for them to just let out their frustrations and sadness through just talking. After all they are still just kids. The best alternative way for them to try to heal their broken hearts and let everything out is through singing, acting, and writing?

Jordan 1
Playing soccer during Sport’s class


Jordan 2
Face painting during Art class

The happy expressions on the children’s face are priceless when they see a KnK teacher come into their class, or when they excitedly start running towards a KnK staff member when they see us going to the storage to give them either soccer balls or art supplies for their class.

These classes are a chance for the students to enjoy themselves and just be kids. Regardless of the harsh situations that they are in, they deserve the same opportunities as any other student.

Many times during these classes, the teachers give what they call “open floor,” where the students can show off their talents in front of the whole class.

Jordan 3
A student breakdancing in Theater class, during “open floor”
Jordan 5
Playing the guitar during Music class

Many students choose to sing or do poetry, and it is usually about their homeland, Syria. During theater class, a 5th grade student, with an amazingly beautiful voice, sang about how hurt the Syrian people are because they miss their homeland. As she was singing,

“Where are our fellow Muslims when the enemies were bombing our homes and our mosques,”

Jordan 6

her voice started to break and you can see her tears coming down. Once she finished and all the students started clapping, her smile was indescribable. It is truly heartbreaking to see such a young girl singing about something as sad as this, but this is their reality and we can’t act like it’s not happening because it is. Who knows how long this little girl has kept her feelings hidden, but she was able to let it all out because that is what KnK classes are here for. 




Reported by Ms. Dana Saleh (Program officer assistant)
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