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Thoughtful gift (2013/12/25)
Supported by the grant assistance for Japanese NGO projects, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


In the Community Program held in the youth center of Jordan, the youth are trying hard to communicate with the local people to find out what they can do for them. For that, they plan, conduct and review on their own initiative.

On the 7th of December, the youth who are part of to the program operated the recreation at the local orphanage. The concept of this plan was to give “Heartful gifts” to the orphans. They discussed ways on how they can continue with their small budget.

On the day of recreation, the orphans welcomed the youth in a large room.

Jordan 1
Introducing to each other
Jordan 2
Meeting of the youth

All of them made one big circle, and passed a special ball to one another. It was made by the youth with wrapped newspapers. Every time some one gets the ball, he/she peels off one sheet of newspaper, and after they peeled the last newspaper, they found…. a snack! The orphans seemed to be nervous at the beginning, but after they found a snack inside the ball, there were big smiles on their faces.

Jordan 3
What is it inside?
Jordan 4
It’s a snack!

After that, a big piece of paper was given to everyone, and they drew pictures of anything they want to. Music was played in the room, and all the children drew their pictures stretching out, chatting, and relaxing. Then the pictures were hung on the wall after they were finished.

Jordan 5
Drawing together
Jordan 6
Hanging up in the classroom


Jordan 7
Then, they went out to for physical activity. The happy music was played and they danced, did some recreations and played tag.





Jordan 8
The youth preparing lunch

After that, it was the time for lunch. Since the youth have heard that the orphans eat the same food over and over, they prepared homemade dishes. Then they ate their lunch together cheerfully.

After the lunch, they wrote their wishes on message cards, then they shared what they wrote, and they tied them to balloons and let them fly into the sky.

Jordan 9
What is it in your heart?
Jordan 10
Flying wishes to sky

In the end, the youth gave the orphans toys as a gift. The toys were the one the youth were using at their home when they were little, and they placed their wish of friendship inside the gifts.

Jordan 11
The youth waiting the orphans with gifts
Jordan 12
Getting along gradually
Jordan 13

In this activity, it was very impressive that the youth have so well prepared spending a long period of time, using their given budget efficiently, under their strong concept of “give the orphans Heartful Gifts”. Using their knowledge from what they have learned in the past activities in the youth center, it seemed that they have done a lot better recreations than before, in considering the locals.

We are now in the last year of the project supported by Japanese NGO projects, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. It is obvious that the youth are growing up day by day through this project. We greatly appreciate your continuous support for our project in Jordan.


Reported by Ryo Yoshida (Intern)
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