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■Youth Center loved by the community (2013/5/2)
MoFASupported by the grant assistance for Japanese NGO projects, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Watched over by a huge 800-year-old tree, this is the oldest boys’ school in the Wadi al Hour area.
With a mosque standing next to the school, local people love and frequently visit the area.
Students and local people had been using an old rest room at one corner of the school, which was hardly ever fixed or cleaned.

Recently, the rest room was completely repaired through a youth activity for community service, which was practiced by a local Youth Center that had received KnK training

Jordan 1
Repair work during the activity


Jordan 2
Before repair                  After repair

Last year, KnK invited the staffs of local Youth Centers to a training workshop on how to practice youth activity. The above-mentioned activity was part of a practical activity that was based on what the staff learned at the training workshop.

The training workshop focused on how to practice a community involvement program developed by KnK. After the training, each local center submitted activity plans that featured unique characteristics and ideas. This year, eight local centers will carry out practical activities, based on the activity plans and the training.
In April, the first practical activity started at the Wadi al Hour Boys Youth Center. While lectures on the significance of community volunteer work were given and activities were carried out by the youths, KnK staff monitored the Youth Center staffs on how to organize the activity and interface with the youths, and gave advice if necessary.

Jordan 3
Youth Center staff giving a lecture
Jordan 4
KnK staff monitoring the activity
Jordan 5 Jordan 6
The youths who participated

The school officials sent a warm-hearted message to the Youth Center: “We are so grateful that you have completely renovated the school rest room that had been neglected for decades.”
And, above all, the staff and the youths who actually participated in the activity seemed to be very proud of repairing the school, which is loved by the community.

The practical activities will be carried out monthly at each local Youth Center.
Each center is expected to make the
most of the teachings of the KnK training workshop, based on the rich relationship with the local people.
At the same time, through this activity, we hope that the local people will understand more about the youth activities carried out by the Youth Centers, and will feel more attached to the Centers.

*Translated by International Language Volunteers (ILV) of Tokyo YWCA / Hiromi Miki

Reported by Koko Kato, Project Coordinator
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