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■Project Launched! (2013/3/4)

The third phase of the Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Project, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, started on February 12th, 2013. In this phase, KnK Jordan continuously conducts community service activities driven by the youth in cooperation with local partners and community members. We also aim to establish a system of providing activities by local actors in close cooperation with Higher Council for Youth (HCY)*. The system will establish a Community Program Steering Committee (tentative name), made up of HCY staff, senior youth, and the local KnK team. KnK further strives to strengthen coordination among these actors in order that the program maybe continued under their initiative after the phase ends.

* HCY is a local governmental agency in charge of youth activities.

To reach the main goal above, KnK provides the following three programs:

【1】Community Program (CP)
【2】Non-formal Education Program(Languages, Theatre, Music, Art, Story-writing, and Sports)
【3】Enhancing Youth Activity in Suburban Youth Centers (Capacity-building of youth center staff)

<Activities in Phase 2>
Jordan 1
Activity conducted by CP at
an orphanage
Jordan 2
Presentation by Music course

【1】Community Program

KnK trains youth aged 14~18 years old to be ready for voluntary work activities in the local community. The activities include the campaign to improve the environment around the center in Jabal Amman, in addition to conducting a similar visit to an orphanage as the last phase. Moreover, we train the youth as administrators and educator assistants. The training focuses on providing youth with the actual experience to engage in the daily operations of KnK’s youth center.

<Activities in Phase 3 (CP)>

Jordan 3 Jordan 4
Jordan 5
Educators, eager to train
the youth
Jordan 6
Youth, playing a great role in running the center

【2】Non-formal Education Program

The six courses (Language, Theatre, Music, Art, Story-writing, and Sports) are provided to youths aged 8~18 years old. Each course aims to teach participants morality and manners for group work, as well as to teach new skills and knowledge.

<Activities in Phase 3Non-formal Education Course>

Jordan 7
First day at the center, a long queue for registration!
Jordan 8
Sports course, popular for boys
Jordan 9
Music course, practicing guitar
Jordan 10
Voice training in the Theater course

【3】Enhancing Youth Activity in Suburban Youth Centers

In the previous phase, KnK held a training workshop for staff who work at HCY’s suburban youth centers. The training was about building their capacities and skills in planning and conducting youth activities. In this phase, each of the centers conducts youth activities by putting into practice what they have learned through training. By following up and monitoring their activities, KnK intends to see how far their trained skills are used in actual activities at each center.

We greatly appreciate for your continued warm support for our project in Jordan.

Reported by Chika Ogi (Intern)
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