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■Parents' Values, Youths' Values (2012/11/14)

On September 22, October 14 and October 20, students from the Community Program (CP) held a parents' workshop. The youth were the organizers, who managed the whole process of the workshops, from planning to conducting. Through the process, they showed what they have learned through their six-month training in the CP program. The workshop was important in another way: in closing the communication gap between parents and youth. In Arabic culture, it is usually the case that the younger generation follows the opinions of the elders.This tends to result in giving the teenagers stress and isolating them from the family due to their frustration in being unable to convey their own opinions and feelings.

Jordan photo Jordan photo
Handmade banner and brochure
Jordan photo
Team meeting for the final checkup

The topics were noise pollution and family and school repression. They chose the topics after analyzing problematic issues with their families and the neighboring community. At the beginning of the workshop, some youth looked nervous about presenting in front of the parents, but they gradually started to be calm down and had a smooth and lively discussion.

Jordan photo Jordan photo
The MCs, doing a great job, though feeling the stress of facilitating

Jordan photo Jordan photo
Heated discussion

After the successful workshops, the youths' self confidence was strengthened. At the same time, parents seeing the youth presenting bravely and maturely increased their understanding of the CP program. Moreover, both sides of the discussion–parents and the youth–were brought closer together by reflecting each one's own values and by enhancing mutual understanding.

Jordan photo Jordan photo
Results of the questionnaire and video shoot will be reflected in the next workshop
Jordan photo
Words of thanks to the educators (who were in charge of the training) from the families

The CP program is planning their final workshop in November. I'm looking forward to seeing another active discussion.


Reported by Koko Kato (Project Coordinator)
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