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■Sharing our experience with local youth centers (2012/07/04)

We had the training for the local youth center staffs from June 11th to 13th.
Currently we welcome the second year of our MoFA project at Amman Capital Youth Center, but as KnK it has been five years since we started our activities in Jordan. During these five years, we have provided educational opportunities for the youth and children at several places. We planned this training since we hoped to share our experience and know-how we gained in this five years with local youth centers, so that they are able to adopt our ideas into their own activities.

jordan photo

Lecture by an instructor of Community Program

Before the training, we visited twenty-three local youth centers to see their activities and to ask questions. This visit was a good experience for KnK since we have few chances to see their activities, though currently there are one hundred and eighteen youth centers in Jordan. Based on the results of the interview done at each youth center, we chose participants for the training.


jordan photo

1st day: they look a bit nervous?

About the training contents, we decided to concentrate on the community program after discussing what is the most effective content in three days program. This program is to train the youth aged from fourteen to eighteen to be community readers in the future through six months training, in which the students are supposed to learn about readership, volunteer work, and so on. Local youth centers are also doing similar activities such as a mosque cleaning and a summer camp, but most of their activities are daily-based single-actions. So we hoped them to learn how to train the youth continuously.

jordan photo

They are playing a game related to lectures.

The program of the training started from “what is KnK”, and then participants learned “How to manage time”, “How to make the activities for the youth”, and “useful games for teamwork”. And end of each day, they exchanged their opinions. At the beginning of the training, participants looked nervous, but gradually they thawed through playing games, exchanging opinions, and having active discussions.

From now on, the participants are supposed to submit proposals, which are based on the KnK’s community program model. We are looking forward to reading their proposals based on the training contents and also their own unique ideas. KnK can teach them, but also KnK can learn from them. We hope to share good points each other and to make the youth education in Jordan better.

jordan photo Local youth center donated a game kit to KnK JAPAN.

jordan photo
End of the training
Reported by Ritsuko Arisawa (Project Administrator)
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