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■How to conduct an activity(2012/03/26)

Community Program (CP, target age from 14 to 18 years old) is the program for strengthening the readiness of the youth for a volunteer activity in a community. The youth conducted the volunteer activity at an orphanage on February 25th (CP girls) and March 3rd (CP boys). Today, I would like to introduce whole the process of their conducting the activity.

STEP 1: Preparational Training 
The youth participate lectures by educators. The educators teach the youth the necessary skills of conducting an activity (e.g.) how to plan an activity, how to speak in front of an audience.

STEP 2: Planning
The youth discuss and then decide the purpose of an activity, time schedule, and task and responsibility of each. In this step, they also list up their necessities and the budget needed for the activity.

Jordan potho
Jordan potho
Chart of time allocation

STEP 3: Practice
They practice the activity by targeting younger students from the youth center, making a final check of time allocation, and task and responsibility of each.

Jordan photo Jordan photo
 Practice with Pierrot, is it going well?

STEP4: Activity Day
They conduct the planned activity at a sign from a time keeper.

On this visit, they conducted several games and presentations in order to make orphans smile.

Jordan photo
Musical chairs game with excitement
Jordan photo
Balloon game
Jordan potho
 The Seven Dwarfs from a theater “Snow White”,
by students of a Non-formal theater course


STEP5: Reflection
They share reflections from educators, which will be applied to the future activity.

Jordan potho
Did time management go well?
Jordan photo
Well done! (Participants from CP and a theater class)

The above steps allow the youth to conduct an activity through exchanging and sharing each other’s opinion, and also sometimes arguing against each other.

The visit to the orphanage showed they have accomplished each one’s task and role while receiving support from educators. At the same time, their planning didn’t go as expected, thus they felt the difficulty of conducting an activity.

I look for the youth to develop from all the experiences they had on this visit.
We, the staffs, will follow them up continuously further on.   


Reported by Koko Kato(Project Coordinator)
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