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■Presentation Day (2012/03/16)

As reported by the previous news, KnK has started the second phase of its Jordan project on Dec 5th, 2011 at the youth center in Jabal Amman. This one-year project consists of four semesters, each for three month, providing the local youth various activities.   
What the youth have learnt through the course?

To show the achievement of the first semester, we held a presentation day.  The presentation included, the traditional Arabic dance by a girls’ sports class, a guitar play and songs by a music class, and “Snow White” by a theater class.
In this semester, Jordan had the highest rainfall, and this made the youth difficult to come to the center. This made me worried, because I was wondering if it would be possible to be ready for showing each presentation in front of an audience.

--This was useless worry--on the presentation day they made me realize.

One boy from a theater class, even he broke his leg two days before the presentation, he came to present his role as a prince with his broken leg. This showed his strong responsibility and passion for his performance. Not only him, but other presenters also performed with heart and soul, making the audience impressed.    

Students from a theater class

On this day, we started selling pieces of art work from an art class. The selling was managed by the local staffs and the youth from Community Program. They explained the presented art work with enthusiasm. The families and friends of the youth were taking time to enjoy colorful accessories of beads and various art stuffs on full of ideas. The price of each is not high, since each according to its original material. We focus more on that the youth are further encouraged by their work to be sold. The sales is going to be used for activities at the center further on.

Jordan potho
Art work
Jordan potho
Visitors, curious about the art presentation
Jordan potho
Traditional Jordanian dance by a girls’ sports class
Jordan potho
Guitar performance by a music class

The day had a beautiful closing by celebrating the best student in performance from each class. In March, the center will welcome the beginning of the new course. We, the staff team, cannot help expecting the further achievement of capacity and talent at each youth through the course. At the same time, we are willingly to make our effort for them to be able to gain better opportunities for learning. 

Jordan photo
Best students with Japanese expat

Reported by Ritsuko Arisawa (Project Administrator)
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